WEAPON-X1: "The Gateway" Package (Stage 1 Power)

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You have made the wise decision to get behind the wheel of a 2009+ CTS V Coupe, Sedan, Wagon or Camaro ZL1 but now there is only one problem... you're getting used to the amazing power that GM gave you right off of the showroom floor.  Find yourself asking "I wonder what an extra 75HP would feel like?"  This is a nice introductory package to satisfy your curiosity, but you've been warned about "The Gateway Package"... HP is addicting!


This simple package is the perfect introduction to increasing the LSA's performance with about a 18-22% HP increase from stock.  It addresses a few basic needs: less restrictive incoming air, more revolutions per minute from the factory supercharger inhaling this air, a tuner in our network that will give you a qualified tune to make sure your newly introduced air is getting enough fuel, and a couple of protective modifications needed to keep the supercharger operating at it's best.  Some companies out there don't have or aren't experimenting with these cars, so they offer cheaper packages, but this is a Cadillac and it's not worth saving a couple hundred dollars to just get the added HP without the needed protection to match the performance.

The weapon X1 package includes:
  1. Corsa Intake - replaces the factory air box with an open style air filter.
  2. Metco 2.50" upper pulley - replaces the 3" pulley which will increase the supercharger ratio to 3.24 blower to engine RPM vs. the stock 2.7 ratio.  
  3. 100mm idler pulley - gives the upper pulley the belt wrap and clearance needed for the extra power.
  4. Heavy Duty belt - new length needed for different pulley diameters.
  5. Solid isolator - replaces the factory isolator which wears a groove in the snout shaft and will eventually sound like a marble bouncing around inside of your $70,000 luxury sedan.  This is an easy swap while the snout is off for the new upper pulley installation.
  6. Track Attack HX - keep your blower as cool as possible with the most versatile heat exchanger on the market.
  7. WXM Catch Cans - goes in-line with the stock PCV system to keep oil from being ingested in the blower from the motor.  GM has no filtering system so oil builds up and pools inside the supercharger which reduces the air flow and in extreme cases has even fouled plugs.  With the increased blower RPM and effective boost we highly recommend this simple filtering catch can system.  
  8. Basic Instructions for installation of parts for your shop or you DIY guys.
  9. Recommended tuner in our network to dial in your mods if you don't have a preferred one on your own.
  10. weaponX T-shirt - please let us know your size 
Option 2 - For those with concerns of tuning your PCM, a spare PCM can be purchased with this package which can be used for the tune while keeping the original one stock.

Option 3 - For the stage 1 kit less the intake if you already have one.

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