GRAND PRIZE is a weapon X motorsports - V POWER fiberglass hood give away!  Anyone spending over $1,000 from Black Friday, Nov 29th to Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd will be entered to win!  Winner will be posted on Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 2013.  Option to pay the difference to upgrade to the carbon fiber V Power hood will be up as well.  Plan on purchasing a V Power hood on sale this weekend or already have a V Power fiberglass hood?  No worries, that prize is exchangeable for weapon X fiberglass splitter and side blades, also with the option to upgrade to the carbon fiber splitter and side blades! So, don't miss out on the hood sale!  

Teasers: lights, heat exchangers, intakes, heads, exhaust, fuel systems, injectors, superchargers, cams, brakes, wheels, tires, hoods, aero trim, and the kitchen sink! 

Follow the Black Friday link which will activate at 10AM EST Friday Nov 29th!  


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