Brown Line: Digital Torque Wrench



Planning on swapping wheels or taking your performance machine to the track or drag strip?  Proper lug nut torque is important!  Try out this Brown Line Digital Torque Wrench for your gearhead tasks!  

Digital Torque Wrench has patent pending technologies like double gear sensing system and ensures repeatable accuracy of +/- 3.5 percent both clockwise and counterclockwise, accurate 20-100 percent of full scale
Soft touch overmold provides comfortable non-slip grip and engineered plastics ensure resistance against common garage fluids (oil, gas, etc.) and impact resistant housing.

Large backlit digital display shows both target torque and current read-out, LEDs and digital display provide visual feedback when operating wrench and buzzer creates audible feedback when target torque is reached
Digital Torque Wrench ratchet head consist of 1/2inch drive reversible ratchet, 22-tooth gear provides an 11.25 degree arc while handling high torque loads, forged from Chromium Vanadium alloy to ensure strength and conforms to ASME B107.10.2005 standards

Easily switch between ft/lbs, in/lbs, and Nm, automatically powers off when not in use for 2 minutes and low battery indicator

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