CAP: Cat Delete Pipes [Camaro gen 6, LT1 LT4]

American Racing


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Stock cats on your 2016+ Camaro SS, 1LE, or ZL1 do not like boost over 12psi.  They can begin to collapse and come apart, ultimately risking the motor.  Looking for an inexpensive way to delete your cats for higher boost pressure?  

Our primary cat deletes for the 2016 Camaro SS. Made of quality 304 stainless in house here at CA Performance. The factory Tri-y manifolds and very efficient up until the factory catalytic converters.  Removing the primary cats frees up horsepower and torque. Dyno tests have shown gains of 11 whp and 12 wtq, but even better in the midrange gains of up to 20whp and wtq are seen.

Installation is simple and can be done with basic hand tools in an hour.

The factory gaskets are a crush type graphite material which is designed to be used once. It is recommended to change the gaskets when you install the cat deletes.


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