Magnuson: Heart Attack 2650 Supercharger [Corvette Camaro CTS V, LT1 LT4]



Unleash the true potential of your LT1/LT4 with the Magnuson TVS 2650™ Supercharger System! This is the largest Supercharger Magnuson has ever developed and it's expected to produce horsepower numbers for LT1/LT4's well over 1000 RWHP with boost levels over 20 psi. This is a full kit supercharger system designed to deliver maximum performance while retaining factory-like drivability and reliability. Inside of the supercharger manifold, our new charge air cooler is larger than the OE, keeping your Intake Air Temperatures well in check and providing consistent and repeatable performance. One of the most impressive aspects of this latest generation supercharger system is that it can outflow the competition, using less power and provides significantly cooler discharge temperatures. The price of this kit will be determined soon.

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