Milled and Reinforced ZL1 Lid and -12AN Fitting/Hose Kit for 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V



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A common upgrade for the CTS-V is now available from Dedicated Motorsports. The ZL1 Blower lid sports a larger volume plenum, higher density/ more efficient intercooler core and a LESS restrictive airflow path on the intercooler exit. It’s easy to see why the factory rated Horsepower of the ZL1 Camaro was 24 Hp higher than the CTS-V LSA. This additional volume and lid height requires the ZL1 lids to be milled to allow for hood clearance.

This is no secret in the CTS-V community but we like to do things a bit different here. We decided to write a CNC program to utilize our in house HAAS CNC Mill. Not only do we mill the deck but we radius the front edge for additional hood clearance followed by removing the 4 front bosses that are unused by the CTS-V along with a tab that blocks the CTS-V Fuel rail bolt. This allows space for the -12an fittings and hose to stay close to the blower lid and away from the fuel rail and hood (another clearance issue).

We also run a CNC program on the intercooler coolant Inlet/Outlet flange. In this program we remove the oem ‘pushlock’ bosses, mill down the flange thickness and finished with porting program on the coolant Inlet/Outlet ports. This is in preparation for the final step of converting the hose attachment ports to billet -12an male fittings via a precision TIG welding process.

Another common problem associated with running increased boost levels on the LSA PD blower is the collapse of the intercooler core or “brick”. All Dedicated Motorsports Milled ZL1 lids come with a reinforced brick standard.

  • CNC Milled and Contoured Deck
  • CNC Milled Bolt Bosses and Bolt Clearance
  • CNC Milled and Ported Coolant Inlet/Outlet
  • TIG Welded 12AN Inlet/Outlet Fittings
  • Reinforced and Pressure Tested Intercooler Core
  • Cleaned and Reassembled with Factory Hardware
*** Please be advised: the 12AN Fitting/Hose Option is REQUIRED, unless you plan to make your own lines. ***
List Price: $825.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: ZL1LID

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