SMC Dual Catch Cans

SM Co.


The stock configuration on the 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray pull fouled air from the valve covers as well as the valley into the engine causing an oily build up on the valves which can not only restrict air flow, but also reduce the efficiency and robbing HP!

Saikou Michi Co. is here to make the finest oil catch tanks you can find anywhere. These are not blingy or flashy, but just the best functioning system needed to trap the nasties that flow out of your engine and can make it into your manifold and intake. The CTS V option is a dual can configuration to mount on the driver side near the air intake.  
Colors are limited to standard choices, but you are in luck if you like Matte Black, I like Black, but I can do others like Red, Blue, Orange, Glossy Black, and if you like the Bare Aluminum style, I can do that no problem, you just wont be seeing any "blingy" polished jobs here.
Each is built to order due to custom options.
Manufacturer is backordered, please allow 8-9 weeks for shipment. 

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