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The SV10TS displays modern and sharp design features as well as a directional spoke design, to create the newest and hottest 1-piece forged performance wheel available! This new style features a maximum concave depth as well as ensuring that each wheel is made to be the lightest wheel possible.

This new style shows off our take on a modern day, sharp, and directional ten spoke design with a five lug bolt pattern, which is also available in a center lock configuration. It‰۪s now available in diameters ranging as small as 18 inches, all the way up to 24 inches and widths from 8.5 inches wide, up to 13 inches wide.

Strasse Wheels has long been known as a style and performance driven company where high strength and lightweight modern day wheel designs, along with exceptional engineering have created some of the most desired wheel designs for almost a decade now.

All Strasse wheels are engineered per order to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for optimal acceleration, handling and braking performance for the vehicle they are built for.

Every wheel is custom built-to-order to meet each vehicles precise fitment specifications and there are nearly infinite fitment, color and options available for the ultimate custom-tailored wheel buying experience.

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