Super Flow Carbon Air Intake System [Camaro ZL1 gen 6]

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The sixth generation Camaro ZL1 leaves very little to be desired in the way of performance coming off the showroom floor.  However, that does not mean that more is not readily available.  We would like to introduce our in-house produced WXM carbon Intake for the ZL1.  This intake was developed and tested in our facility to ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best in affordable aftermarket performance, all without having to making adjustments to the stock ECU calibration (warranty blues...).  Measurements on our Mustang 1100AWD Dyno showed consistently solid gains to the tune of 28rwhp without having to get your hands too dirty in the installation process.  This intake can be unboxed and installed in about 20 minutes in your driveway.

The newer generations of GM LT engines can be very responsive to modifications, but often as the result of a thorough tune to take advantage of them.  While more power can be realized through tuning for this intake, picking up 28rwhp is as simple as bolting the carbon ZL1 intake to your car.  During our extensive testing, we found no areas of the stock drivability are sacrificed or compromised by running this intake on the stock ECU calibration.  Power was found everywhere in the powerband, as well as the added bonus of an enhanced supercharger whine and more engine noise to entertain yourself with via your right foot.

In closing, those wishing to modify their ZL1 without worrying about voiding their warranty are going to be hard-pressed to find a more simple and effective modification than our WXM Carbon ZL1 Intake package.  Gains for days, and an overall improvement in driving experience await you.

Compatible with 87mm or 103mm throttle bodies. Includes heat shield, dry large mouth filter, couplers, & intake. 


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