VooDooChikin: Red-30a Polyurethane Driveshaft Carrier Bearing [CTS V gen 1]

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NEWLY REDESIGNED!!!       The newly redesigned Red-30a Polyurethane Carrier Bearing Unit for the Cadillac CTS-V is a perfect replacement for any vehicle, whether stock or high HP. We have...
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    The newly redesigned Red-30a Polyurethane Carrier Bearing Unit for the Cadillac CTS-V is a perfect replacement for any vehicle, whether stock or high HP. We have done extensive testing to show that the solid Red 30a poly unit maintains excellent alignment of the driveshaft under light to medium loads as well as showing minimal deflection under heavy load without any vibration or noise transfer, while keeping maximum ride quality.  This redesigned unit now incorporates a steel inner sleeve that the poly is bonded to as well as a press in bearing and snap ring retainer.  The polyurethane bonding surface has increased to 3/4" to improve stability.

   This product is a service for the Cadillac CTS-V OEM Driveshaft.  It requires you to send your OEM driveshaft in for servicing with the VooDooChikin (VDC) Red-30a Polyurethane Carrier Bearing Unit.

This Package Includes:
  • VDC Red-30a Poly Carrier Unit with a top quality Japanese NACHI C3 bearing that exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Black or White Decal 
  • Installation Labor & Materials.
  • Return Shipping within the Continental United States.

This video shows a badly worn and sagged OEM rubber carrier unit. 


Driveshaft Preparation:

  To properly prep your driveshaft for shipment once you have removed it from the vehicle, you must run zipties through the rear CV joint to keep the protective shield and rear cover plate in place. We have had instances where the rear CV has fallen apart in the box when the sender did not ziptie it. <----YOU MUST DO THIS!!  We would prefer that you also remove the rubber flex disc prior to sending the driveshaft. It weighs about a pound more and gets in the way of our jig. Also, please remove the heat shield attached to the bottom of the carrier housing as well.

Where to ship drive shaft :
NCS Inc.
700 1/2 W Benjamin Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701-2983
(402) 992-5809
 Shipping Guidelines to Follow:
    By selecting to "Send Me a Ready Made Shipping Carton"  We will send you one of our pre-made telescoping boxes with internal packing to properly and securely package your driveshaft.

    To properly prep and package the driveshaft yourself there are a few simple guidelines that will help.  We have found that standard cardboard box works the best.  The box dimensions should NOT exceed 65inches in length at the maximum and should ideally be 63inches. The sides should NOT exceed 10inches but ideally be 8-9inches on each side. So an 8"x8"x63" box would be perfect!  Total weight should NOT exceed 32lbs max depending on the filler.  Ideal shipping weight is 28lbs. This package is NOT considered a large package and does NOT require any extra handling fees.  Please use paper stuffing, bubble wrap, or other package filler to secure your driveshaft in the box.  A loose driveshaft will flop around and cause damage to the packaging or to the shaft, Ex: torn center cv boot (we can replace them now but not cheap).

   Standard turn around time including shipping is 7-9 days.   We typically service the driveshaft within 24-48 hours of it arriving.  We always inspect the shaft for any damage or major problems that may hinder further use.  We document & report any issues we find.  Our process keeps the two halves of the driveshaft perfectly indexed to each other so the shaft does not need balancing after our service is performed.  We offer a 1year warranty on the poly units from the date of purchase.   Most importantly we always stand behind our service and products no matter what.

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