WEAPON-X.700 (Stage 1) [C7 Corvette Z06, LT4]

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Congrats, you've found yourself in the cockpit of a C7 Corvette Z06, arguably the greatest Vette Chevrolet has ever produced!  This beast of a car comes comes mag ride suspension, Recaros,...

Congrats, you've found yourself in the cockpit of a C7 Corvette Z06, arguably the greatest Vette Chevrolet has ever produced!  This beast of a car comes comes mag ride suspension, Recaros, and even the 650 HP LT4 engine, and can be fully loaded with carbon aero, carbon brakes, and everything supercars come with for a fraction of the price!  When you find yourself needing a "little more", the X700 package is a great starter for the warranty conscious customer.  The X700 Package requires no tune, will get you approximately an extra 50 HP, and is easily returned to stock if the situation arises.

warrantied installation at the WEAPON-X Motorsports facility in Cincinnati, OH!  Enclosed transportation available.


  1. Halltech Stinger Intake
  2. WEAPON-X LT 87mm Ported Throttle Body
  3. WEAPON-X Custom Valve Covers
  4. Elite E2X Catch Can
  5. WEAPON-X "X700" Badges
  6. WEAPON-X "X700" Floor Mats
  7. Corsa Axle Back Exhaust


  • Halltech Stinger Intake The most popular American made stage 1 intake picks up nearly 40 HP without a tune and also cleans up the engine bay.  Includes a high flow K&N air filter.

  • WEAPON-X LT 87mm Ported Throttle Body:  These new ported throttle bodies have picked up as much as 15 HP in our initial testing on the LT1 C7 Corvette back in 2014.  These are all done in house by the our porter and the inlet is smoothed to promote proper transition and reduce the restriction seen by the stepped lip.  You will notice an immediately improved throttle response and we guarantee your satisfaction!  Drive it for a week, if you don't like it, simply return it.

  • WEAPON-X Custom Valve Covers:  Powder coated any color including color matched to brake calipers which is popular.  Our billet valve covers are machined in-house and were designed from the OEM GM LT valve cover CAD file, and even reuse the OEM valve cover gaskets.  These include coil brackets to mount them above the valve covers or you can opt to relocate the coils to completely expose the valve covers.  These with the focus on improving the looks and the performance of your PCV system.  We have added ports in the baffling and enlarged the outlet ports for improved airflow.  This reduces the restriction seen by the crank case pressure which can lead to leaking front cam and rear main seals commonly found on higher HP LS and LT engines.  We have been private labeling these for the top LS and LT performance shops across the country and have gotten nothing but rave reviews!

  • Elite E2X Catch Can:  Catch cans are imperative on parasitic engines that ingest the PCV oily air back through the motor.  The direct injection removes the fuel that ran through the cylinder head ports, which cleaned the back of the valves on previous LS engines; however, even they needed catch cans to filter that oily air and prevent oil from pooling inside the supercharger and caking and drying inside of the intercooler bricks.  
  • WEAPON-X "X700" Badges:  Our classy badges are subtle and designed to compliment the car, while sporting your newfound power.  

  • WEAPON-X "X700" Floor Mats:  Standard stitching color is silver with a red X; however, you can customize the colors upon ordering as well.  We know what you're thinking, your ZL1 has nice mats from the factory, but trust us, we have these private labeled by the best in the industry!  The ultra plush material is three times heavier than standard automotive carpeting.  The multi layer backing and urethane core provides extra cushioning helps insulates against heat and road noise and come standard with factory compatible anchoring devices.

  • Corsa Axle Back Exhaust: This is available as an upgrade to add that unmistakeable Corsa sound to your C7Z and omits the OEM NPP valve technology and adding a lower deeper growl to your LT4 performance machine!

X700 Package with WEAPON-X Professional Installation:

Professional Installation:  We do everything right from the moment the vehicle arrives at our facility.  It is "checked in" by doing a video walk around and we carefully prep and clean any surfaces needed to apply clear wrap to ensure it leaves in better condition than it arrived.  Our extremely well trained and thorough technicians give your vehicle the "white glove" treatment while it is in our care and we meticulously disassemble and reassemble every component in an organized manner.  Your OEM parts are put on your specific rack while not in use and for longer term builds, those are wrapped as well and stored in our designated on-going build area and you can leave with the OEM take-off parts, or we can recycle them for you as well.

Customer file:  Details of your X700 package, Dyno graph, Vehicle inspection notes, Compression Test results, and variance to OEM maintenance schedule based on your package.

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