WEAPON-X: WEAPONZ Hood - Carbon Fiber [C7 Corvette, Grand Sport, Z06]

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Looking to add a more aggressive profile to your 2015+ C7 Z06 or 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray?  The WEAPON7-Z extractor hood not only adds some muscle to the front of your...

Looking to add a more aggressive profile to your 2015+ C7 Z06 or 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray?  The WEAPON7-Z extractor hood not only adds some muscle to the front of your car but also capitalizing on the C7's style, while providing superior cooling, and allows for more room for larger superchargers if desired!  

Option 1 - Composite outer/inner

Option 2 - Carbon outer or inner and composite on the other side

Option 3 - Full carbon outer and inner

The full carbon fiber inner and outer hood which is finished and can be bolted on as is, or painted partially to show off some of the carbon for a custom theme.  It is standard American carbon weave and matches the factory carbon fiber.  The other options need finished.

The design
This hood was designed to keep the stock C7 lines unlike the rest on the market and also drastically improve air flow out of the engine bay to expel the massive amounts of heat the motor makes.  This need to remove the heat will be exponentially increased increased if a front mount heat exchanger or intercooler is added for a supercharger or turbo kit. This cooling is achieved through a stock like extractor vent in combination with large cowl induction vent along the back of the hood. It will also allow you to pack the big guns under there as well!  The manufacturer has been in business for decades in California and has successfully made all of our CTS V hoods which have an impeccable reputation in the Cadillac community.  The hood was modeled directly with the stock Vette hood so it is a direct fit for the bolts, bumpers, washer lines, nozzles etc.  It is very sturdy with a two part production of an inner and outer hood mold seaming the two halves together.  Fiberglass requires prepping and paint, but the carbon fiber hood is finished to leave exposed or can be painted as well.

The results
For reference, the engine temps on the CTS V have been about 5-8* cooler but I'm also amazed at how quickly the IAT1s and IAT2s drop down after being under heavy boost. While at low speeds, the cowl allows the heat to rise out of the back of the hood above the blower. Under faster speeds, this becomes a high pressure area forcing cool air into the engine bay. Also the optional heat extractor vents allow hot air to be drawn out of the bay at any speed or sitting still. You can see and feel the heat pouring out of these vents even after the car is shut off and the radiator fans aren't pushing air. 

Make sure to check out all of the options and pictures in this section!

Options (see other listings)
WEAPON7-Z06 Power hood (with raised cowl and cowl induction)
1. Fiberglass outer and inner - gel coat requires paint
2. Carbon Fiber outer and Fiberglass inner - CF can be left exposed or custom painted
3. Fiberglass outer and Carbon Fiber inner - gel coat requires paint outside and CF inner for show and can be seen in cowl from inside the car
4. Carbon Fiber inner and outer

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