Cam S's 2014 CTS-V

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We recently completed the install of a DSX Pump kit, Flex Fuel sensor, and ID 1000 injectors on Cam S's 2014 CTS-V and would like to share our results.


Cam brought us his car already equipped with an Airaid CAI, 87mm ported TB, Kooks LT's, HF catted mid-pipe, QTP cutouts, 160 thermostat, and a 10" LPE Lower pulley.

He was experiencing random stumbles and lack of performance under light throttle due to improper injector data.  His goals were to reduce this annoying stumble, as well as step up to the performance capabilities offered by e85, which has been repeatedly shown to yield 50-70 rwhp on the CTS-V LSA platform. 


 Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors

DSX Fuel Pump Kit

Flex Fuel Kit

Retuned on HP Tuners


If possible, we always like to baseline the customer's car so we know exactly where we are starting. This enables us to accurately measure power increases from modifications being installed. Previous dyno numbers are helpful, but everyone knows readings can be different from dyno to dyno, so we need to be comparing apples to apples.

On 93 octane, Cam's CTS-V made an impressive 595 rwhp and 568 lb-ft on our Mustang AWD-1100 dyno.  Retuning for the ID1000s eliminated the light throttle stumble that was present when Cam brought the car in for work.

The real magic happened when the CTS-V was fueled by the almighty corn-juice. With a small amount of 93 still in the tank, the flex fuel sensor showed a reading of 60% ethanol during our testing.  In the presence of e85, the ECU is allowed to bring more timing to the party.  After dialing in the added spark timing, and working with a safe AFR, the LSA proceeded to lay down 653 rwhp and 611 lb-ft.  This is an increase of 58 rwhp and 43 lb-ft.  For what it's worth, Cam's combination makes a healthy 15psi of boost from the second the throttle is matted to the floor and holds all the way to redline.




We want to stress the importance of having a fuel system that can support the increased fueling requirements of e85.  In our testing, we have found that just having larger injectors is not enough as power reaches the 630-650 rwhp range.  Enter the DSX Fuel Pump kit: This affordable kit raises the ceiling on the maximum fuel flow of the system, which is a must-have on an e85 build (

We also hope to demonstrate the significant amount of power and torque that can safely realized by utilizing e85.  The flex fuel kit sweetens the deal by being able to read the ethanol content of fuel on the fly, so Cam will be able to run on straight 93 or e85, or anything in between, and not have to worry about the safety of the engine. Owners typically run 93 for interest of fuel economy during regular day-to-day driving, but the extra 50-70rwhp is a simple gas-pump visit away before heading to the drag strip.


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