V Power hood, V Sleeper hood, Front Air Splitter, Side Air Foils, Carbon Fiber Fender Vents, Carbon Fiber Rear Valence, Spoiler, Carbon Fiber Trunk


Staged performance packages or just that one mod needed to get you to your next goal.


ADV.1, COR, D2, DPE, F360, Forgeline, Forgestar, HRE, iForged, Modulare, Modular Concepts, MORR, System Forged, Team Dynamic Racing, Weld


Track packages from the weekend racer to the professional enthusiast.


Heat = Enemy Radiator, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Tank, Differential Cooler, and Transmission Cooler


A light and 1320' is all that separates you from history...


It doesn't have to end when the garage door closes.

The Arsenal

WEAPON-X1: "The Gateway" Performance Package

Experience your CTS-V's performance again for the first time... on steroids! WARNING: This package may lead to serious modding addiction!

WEAPON-X: V Power Hood

This modification not only adds a more muscular look to your 2009+ CTS-V, but also allows for better cooling and more space under the hood for a larger supercharger!

From Our Blog

Spring Dyno Day - WEAPON-X Motorsports

Come join us for our Spring 2018 Dyno Day and Cruise-In to open the season! Whether you want to sit pretty in our lot or spin the rollers, we have something for you! It will be held here at our WXM facility on Saturday April 14th from 10am-4pm. Cruise-In parking in the front, dyno parking/stagin...

LT4 Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

Here is a spreadsheet to reference when you're planning/modding to help you figure out what you need at what levels.  Granted all of this depends on a wide variety of things from plans of use for the car like street, strip, and/or track to where you are, ie temps, atmosphere, climate changes etc....

NEW!!! WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit [Camaro Corvette CTS-V]

WEAPON-X SPI Port Injection Kit: Plug And Play, Tank to Tip, No More DI Limits! Purchase here: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768. We have been working cl...

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