Nick Hartwig Review CTS-V

Absolutely precise and professional! Had a hiccup on delivery time but was not their fault. This was the fault of the product manufacturer. What's impressive is the follow ups and constant communication they kept with me regarding my delivery date. They went above and beyond. Keep in mind this was an order for exhaust which was really not making them much profit but they still treated me like I spent $$$$ with their company. I will be patronizing them with all my CTS-V work in the near future!

Richard Lipps

Stopped by completely unannounced on my way thru to RM Detailing to get my car... "It all started with the hood..." - yes it did...and grew into something far greater than ever imagined. Greeted at the front by staff and walked thru to Ben's office. I received a VIP tour of the new facilities. Shop space, dyno area, CNC/port bench, shop and customer cars in for upgrades, etc...right down to the V2 that launched the whole deal. The shop is exceptionally clean, well organized considering the ...

CADZLA loves his V Power hood!

February 2012 "Fits like a glove!  Great prep work! Now I just need something big, black and beautiful (no smart ass comments) to go underneath it.  I think Christmas is gonna come early this year!  It was already prepped, just needed paint.  It looks badass!!  It's whipple-ready. Thanks Mr. Baron!!" "V-power hood and a whipple is the bomb!!  My fitment was good because it was Ben's hood that came off his car." ____________________________ - Thanks for sharing all of your positive comments ...

Crabtree bought not one, but two V Power hoods

November 2011 Steve originally bought the fiberglass V Power hood and had it on his car and sold it so he could get the V Sleeper Carbon Fiber inner version.  He of course got a repeat customer discount! "V-Power Hood in Radiant Silver.....LOVIN THIS HOOD!!!  Thanks Ben. Outstanding job with the design and you also my friend have been a pleasure to work with. Now if I could just get home so I can see it in person. You take care and hope to make it to Cincy sometime around Thanksgi...

JRockey's 10 second V adds show to the GO with a V Power hood!

September 2012  "Ben, way to hook a brother up. We have to make some small adjustments but it looks "Maaavelous"! Going to have some professional pictures taken in a few weeks." ____________________________ - Glad to help you out Jeff.  That car is an absolute beast!  I have no doubt it will see the 9s.  It's been a lot of fun hanging out recently, the FL PBIR trip will be a blast! weapon X motorsports

ultimateendz 700+HP Whippled Coupe is the first to be sporting the V Power hood

May 2012 "First coupe (that I'm aware of) with this hood.  My chrome trim fit shop is meticulous when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Took them an hour or so to put it on but it went on flawlessly, only issue is the fact you will have to dremel the windshield wiper sprayers larger.  They are tiny but I LOVE MY HOOD....and my Whipple that just came in!"       ____________________________ - Thanks for the order and yes those washer nozzle holes are snug intentionally by the ...

1fastfamilycar dresses up his Evo Green V sedan with V Power hood

April 2012 "Just picked up my V after getting the hood painted & installed. I had them paint the front splitter body colour as well. Eibach coupe springs were also installed last week. Pics don't do it justice but the new stance combined with the hood really makes it look badass now.  Thanks Ben for making such a high quality hood!"   ____________________________ - I'm very glad you're happy with it.  It looks great in that color!   weapon X motorsports

Vwagon2012 loves being the first Wagon with the V Power hood!

May 2012 "Thanks Ben. Your hood design is great. Get lots of compliments on it. New pics coming soon with Black Chrome Grill and chrome blacked out around windows."   ____________________________ - Don, I was really excited to see the hood on a wagon and it looks phenomenal.  It really balances out the car and the front profile just looks mean!  I love the blacked out trim and SUPERCHARGED lettering you put on it.  Next up performance mods!   weapon X motorsports

icarus77 is excited about his "weapon X5 package"

 Ron contacted me through the forum looking for a similar build to mine.  He came to the right place!   His big boy stage 5 package: Airaid intake 3.72 Blower Ratio KDI Heat Exchanger and high flow pump  Full Stainless Works exhaust SMC dual catch cans Livernois Stage 2 Ported Heads Livernois 2c hi lift Cam Billet  timing chain Norcal Ice Box LS7 ported tb D3 lid spacer Hawk ceramic pads SS brake lines Eibach springs Amsoil full fluid package ForgeStar CF10 rims "I contacted w...

snzuloz in Canada is enjoying his V Power hood!

June 2012     "It's finally installed, everything turned out awesome, top is fiberglass, bottom shell is carbon fiber. Thanks Ben!! Very impressed with the fit and finish! I added drain holes in front nose, other than that it's very straightforward.    The other morning it was about 8 degrees out, I could see heat waves from all the vents lol. "         ____________________________ - I get a kick out of seeing the heat pour out of the vents too.  Enjoy that weather up there!  weapon X moto...

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