The WEAPON-X Grand Facility

Located in Cincinnati, OH, the new 10,000SF WEAPON-X Motorsports facility is state of the art, with all the latest and greatest equipment!  We presently have 6 lifts, an AWD Mustang dyno, fully capable fab shop for MIG/TIG, a host of fab equipment, and a large VF6 CNC Mill.  It's not always the big fancy machinery that makes the difference though!  From the color schemed shop and fresh marbled epoxy floors, to the massive exhaust fan systems to keep the fumes away from your interior, it's the small details that make a big difference and we believe that in every aspect of our business.  

We employ only the best and brightest as well and on staff we have two engineers, many ASE certified technicians, and our tuner has his PHD in Mathematics, so he has a very good understanding of how the tables all tie together.  We also have a full time media manager on staff to capture your car's transformation.  We carefully wrap every vehicle and take great care of your precious machine and unlike most shops, we employ a fully comprehensive garage keeper's policy on top of our GL policy so you can rest easy while it's in our care!

You can kick your feet up in our plush motorsports lounge and watch our 70" tv or you can drop the car off and get couriered locally.  We also offer complete door to door enclosed service!  We average an 8 week lead time presently; however, there are times we can work a small job in here and there when the opportunity presents itself.  To schedule a shop visit or get a quote on taking your vehicle to the next level, feel free to call us at 513-662-4000 or email today!

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