Spring Dyno Day - WEAPON-X Motorsports

Come join us for our Spring 2018 Dyno Day and Cruise-In to open the season! Whether you want to sit pretty in our lot or spin the rollers, we have something for you! It will be held here at our WXM facility on Saturday April 14th from 10am-4pm. Cruise-In parking in the front, dyno parking/staging area in the back.Early Dyno registration tickets are available on our website! Save $10 off your 15 minute session!  Guarantee your spot on the WEAPON-X Spring Dyno as well as an estimated time slot...

LT4 Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

Trying to figure out what upgrades are needed when modding your LT4 powered C7 Corvette Z06, CTS V gen 3, or Camaro ZL1 gen 6?  WEAPON-X has put together a basic guide which shows you the pulley combos available and recommended supporting mods necessary to get the power you need.  Call or email us for custom recommendations as well as package prices on your goals!

NEW!!! WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit [Camaro Corvette CTS-V]

The Solution to fuel issues: WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit


The solution for big power needs is our secondary port injection and this is the same type of kit that GM opted to go with on the 2019 C7 ZR1 as well as many other high performance DI cars. We have come up with the complete solution for your high powered LT car. Our secondary port injection kit has it's own low side solution with a large pump to get fuel from the tank to the engine. This pump ties into the OEM fuel line as well as running up to supply it's own system. It is fully regulated and has a return, essentially transforming your stock fuel system into a high power capable system. Once the fuel reaches the engine, it ties into our custom billet fuel rails that tuck nicely against the supercharger/manifold, and what is needed fires through the 1300cc injectors and then the fuel returns back to the tank. The system is easily controlled with a proprietary piggy back controller with it's own software and we offer a base tune file and full support. Installation is made easy with our complete plug and play wiring harness! 

2017 Year End Sale Winners!

WEAPON-X's 2017 Year End Sale was another great success because of YOU! We want to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients for allowing us to say once again, this was our biggest year ever. You all continue to bless us and we are proud to work with you together on your build; without "we", there is no WEAPON-X!   The WEAPON-X WINNERS from our 2017 Year End Sale are: $1,000 X Bucks - James Phillips $0,500 X Bucks - Roy Tsugawa $0,250 X Bucks - Aaron Anderkay $0,150 X Bucks ...

2017 Black Friday Sale - Is on NOW! Grand Prize WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER!

WEAPON-X Motorsports: BLACK FRIDAY SALE  IS ON NOW THROUGH MONDAY 11/27!  Grand Prize Whipple SuperchargerSelect your sale by platform! C7 Corvette Stingray LT1:  https://weaponxmotorsports.com/collections/2014-c7-corvette-lt1-sale C7 Corvette Grand Sport LT1:  https://weaponxmotorsports.com/collections/2015-c7-z06-corvette-lt4-sale C7 Corvette Z06 LT4:  https://weaponxmotorsports.com/collections/2015-c7-z06-corvette-lt4-sale C6 Corvette LS2:  https://weaponxmotorsports.com/collections/20...

LSA Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

As one of the most experienced shops on the LSA platform, we've put together a quick reference guide for you guys to figure out what is needed and when.  This chart addresses pulley combos, blower RPMs, boost, fuel mods, cooling mods, and more!  Want us to spec your combination out for you?  Reach out to us at sales@weapon-x.com today!


Thanks to ALL who took part in our sale and now it's time to announce the lucky winners! Grand Prize #1 C Plotner Grand Prize #2 J Riggs Runner up #1 M Murphy Runner up #2 J Rummel We'll reach out directly as well!     Stay tuned foe the WXM sale :)

Summer DYNO Day June 24th, reserve your spot today!

 Guarantee your spot on the dyno as well as an estimated time slot while saving $10 off the normal Dyno Day fee! Includes 2 pulls & Dyno day shirt. Weapon X Dyno Day will be held on the 24th of June at 10am until 4pm (we will run longer if the amount of cars exceeds our time slots).  All details on the facebook events page! Reserve your spot today:  https://weaponxmotorsports.myshopify.com/products/early-registration-for-weapon-x-dyno-day-june-24th


TAX RETURN SALE 2017: You made your wish list and we listened again!  So, you made it through Christmas and past Valentines Day, now it's time for you and that machine you love so much.  You work and work and work all year long and Uncle Sam takes and takes and takes.  Well for some of you guys, February is when good ol' Uncle Sam actually gives back!  Spring time is right around the corner and it's time to reward your car with the best gear from WEAPON-X! Sale and drawing details!How to be...

Camaro ZL1 going under the knife w/ WEAPON-X800 package!

  Project ZL1 Ready for Liftoff Weapon-X Motorsports    Background  John brought in his 2013 ZL1 for an upgrade in power over stock.  Having plenty of previous experience in the racing community and way of life, John made an easy decision to choose the ZL1 Alpha platform to build an awesome performing car.  Straight out of the dealership the ZL1 boasts impressive horsepower and torque numbers, but its weight takes a little of the edge off of the LSA output.  Cutting weight is one route, but ...
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