WEAPON-X TAX RETURN SALE - March 3-31st! Over $10K in prizes

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WEAPON-X TAX RETURN SALE - March 3-31st!  Over $10K in prizes

WEAPON-X TAX RETURN SALE IS ON NOW!!!OVER $10,000 IN PRIZES TO 10 LUCKY WINNERS WEAPON-X's Tax Return Sale never disappoints with your favorite brands on sale just in time for the Federal Government Car Parts Stimulus...

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WEAPON-X BLACK FRIDAY 2018 - $16K in raffles, starts 11/22 at 5pm!

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WEAPON-X BLACK FRIDAY 2018 - $16K in raffles, starts 11/22 at 5pm!

WIN FORGELINE Wheels, Whipple Supercharger & MORE totaling over $16,000 in prizes for SEVEN lucky contestants! SALE STARTSTOMORROW @ 5PM!WIN: FORGELINE Wheels  Whipple SuperchargerAND MORE!!!WEAPON-X is giving away over $16,000 in prizesto SEVEN lucky contestants on December 7th! ...

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WEAPON-X: 2018 Year End Sale - Las Vegas Get Away!!  Starts 12/26 - 1/1/19!

WIN 4 Days in LAS VEGAS (includes flights & hotel!), 4 "X Bucks" Store Gift Cards, & 2 Mystery Bags, totaling SEVEN lucky winners in all! View this email in your browser...

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BOOST FREEZE CHILLER RESULTS - LT4 ZL1 hits 690 WHP with a 15% pulley !
WEAPON-X Boost Freeze Chiller helps this heat soaked 15% pulley ported supercharger headers ZL1 dyno from an unhappy 635 wheel HP to a massive 690 wheel HP just by adding the chiller and cooling down the hot coolant! This active setup is killer for forced induction systems and our plug and play system is unparalleled!

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WEAPON-X: Boost Freeze Chiller for ATS-V, Camaro, Corvette, and CTS-V launches 9/4/18!
The WEAPON-X Boost Freeze Chiller uses the OEM air conditioning system to reach freezing temperatures in the supercharger heat exchanger coolant to remove MORE heat from the compressed boosted air entering the engine, making it denser, allowing for MORE timing, and thus MORE POWER!!!

System features:

  • Plug and Play hardware for a hassle free installation

  • 100% reversible

  • Requires no tuning changes; however, the PCM calibration can be modified to achieve more power when temps are under a certain threshold (IAT Advance)

  • Insulated chiller unit

  • OEM quality hardware, lines, and fittings

  • Thermostat controlled heat exchanger bypass when temperatures are below ambient

  • Cabin diverter for race mode to channel ALL of the refrigerant to the chiller

  • Bluetooth controller for Temperature monitor and custom programming settings

  • Thermal Cooling cell to store extra BTU capacity

  • Optional WXM Track Attack Heat Exchanger upgrade further more natural cooling

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