Akrapovic: Evolution or Slip-on Exhaust [C7 Corvette Stingray, Z06, LT1 LT4]



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The upper echelon of exhaust systems has launched for the C7!

The Akrapovič Line system takes exhaust tuning to the next level. Featuring mufflers and link-pipes made from high-grade titanium to dramatically reduce the overall weight, the system provides more power, lowers back pressure, enhances throttle response, and increases torque. With four valves, the first pair operates in four-cylinder mode and the second set comes into action following the driver’s specifications. With an electronic device developed by Akrapovič engineers for the five standard GM modes—Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track—the system is perfectly matched to operate with the car’s drive mode selector. This produces an even greater range of options for the driver to fully experience the amazing sound of the car. The Akrapovic system, with a new X-pipe, provides even greater performance compared to the Slip-On Line system, and provides a pure race-note soundtrack for this stunning engine, with the enhanced sound characteristics of the V8 configuration and without any drone—just pure enjoyment. Four large-diameter carbon fibre tailpipes with titanium inners complete the appearance of the Evolution Line perfectly, making it stand out as something special.

If the Akrapovič system replaces the GM NPP exhaust system, the exhaust maintains the valve regulation of the NPP system.

Note:  Akrapovic will no longer be shipping the Evolution systems to the US due to federal emissions regulations.  So, we suggest pairing this with a Corsa or Borla x-pipe for a cat back option.

Installation of Slip on plus a Corsa or Borla X-pipe:  

Installation of Slip-on: 

Technical Data

kW 322.6 at 5900 rpm 335.3 at 5950 rpm + 13.7 at 5750 rpm
HP (m) 438.6 at 5900 rpm 455.9 at 5950 rpm + 18.6 at 5750 rpm
HP (i) 432.6 at 5900 rpm 449.7 at 5950 rpm + 18.3 at 5750 rpm
Nm 583.6 at 4750 rpm 608.8 at 4650 rpm + 25.8 at 4650 rpm
lb-ft 430.4 at 4750 rpm 449.0 at 4650 rpm + 19.0 at 4650 rpm
weight kg 29.0 17.4 - 11.6
lb 63.9 38.4 - 25.5
% - 40.0
noise level
dB 85.1 at 3500 rpm 94.3 at 3500 rpm 9.2
min 180
measured with: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) 2014

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