Callies: Magnum XL Crankshaft [LS LSX Engines]



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After years of service, Magnum crankshafts by Callies have established themselves as one of the most durable competition crankshafts ever produced. Magnum crankshafts are manufactured from ultra pure AISI 4340 steel. Callies then subjects this material to multiple heat treatments, resulting in a crankshaft with unsurpassed wear and strength characteristics. All Magnum cranks feature Callies Ultra-Case heat treatment. Each Magnum crank will have gun drilled mains and fully profiled counterweights, regardless of engine type. A typical 4.000” stroke Small Block Chevy will weigh less than 48 pounds. Magnum crankshafts are available for a variety of engine types and can be manufactured to your specific configuration.

* Stroke Range of 2.600 to 4.300
* 2.100 – 2.000 – 1.888 – 1.850 Rod Journal Diameters
* 2.559 Main Diameter
* With or Without Timing Wheel & Hub
* Multiple Post Key-ways
* Uniquely Milled Counterweight Profiles for Reduced Weight and Windage
* Gun Drilled Mains
* Full Internal Balance to Your Specific Assembly Weight
* 24 or 58 tooth Reluctor Wheels Available
* Weight Range of 34 lb. to 47 lb.

Stroke Pin Size Main Size  Sump  
3.325 2.100 LS-1 GM Small Block – 2.559
3.625 2.100 LS-1 GM Small Block – 2.559
4.000 2.000 LS-1 GM Small Block – 2.559
4.000 2.100 LS-1 GM Small Block – 2.559 LS7 Post

These shafts are machined to the tolerances demanded by today's high performance engine builder. Roundness and taper are held to less than .0003 on all rod and main journal diameters. Our final polishing procedures produce excellent load carrying surfaces that ensure extended bearing life and trouble free operation.

Each DragonSlayer features the Callies Ultra-Case nitride treatment. This heat treatment method produces a deep case that enhances strength while creating an extremely hard load bearing wear surface. The Ultra-Case process generates a layer of hardened steel deep enough to maintain its integrity even after a -.010 regrind.

Callies heat treat expertise combined with our high purity premium 4340 forging produce strength of unparalleled value. All DragonSlayers are produced with standard Chevy rod journal diameters and widths for SBC, BBC, LS1, and Mopar applications.

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