DeatschWerks: 800HP Fuel Pumps - Drop in [Camaro ZL1 gen 5, LSA]



Tired of the limitations of the stock Camaro Gen 5 ZL1 (LSA) fuel system?  Whether running 800rwhp on 93 or 700whp on e85, this is a drop in fuel kit with an optional hatch access cover (modification required) so you don't have to drop the tank.  This product requires the OEM gen 2 CTS V fuel tank bucket for these pumps to work.

With the release of the 340lph DW300c fuel pump in 2015, it was quickly realized that the pump would be 100% drop-in fitment for the CTS-V.  This presented an opportunity for DeatschWerks to perform in-car development and testing on our own 2011 CTS-V shop car. Having just completed some significant modifications and already running the 1000cc DW 16u-90 injectors, the DW CTS-V had everything needed, except the fuel pump solution, to make the switch to e85. 

Existing pump upgrades available for the platform are overly expensive, complicated, and have significant issues with low fuel level conditions.  DW knew the 300c held great promise in bringing a simple, cost effective pump solution to support the fuel delivery demands the majority of V owners required.  With a goal of 700whp on e85 through its auto transmission, the pumps were installed, and the car was sent to HHP for e85 flex fuel conversion and tuning. 

Due to camshaft and airflow limitations, the ZL1 ended up making 680rwhp on e85, fueled only by the 300c pumps and the 1000cc 16u-90 injectors, a combination totaling less than $1K.  Data-logging showed peak IDC of less than 70% and rail pressure holding a strong 65psi through the entire power band.  Further long term drivability testing proved the pumps installed in the ZL1 module were as quiet as OE, exhibited no hot or cold start issues, and most importantly, allowed full use of the OE fuel tank even when pushed beyond the low fuel light.

Plans are underway for a new cam, cylinder head work, and SC porting to reach an ultimate goal of 750whp on e85, all done solely with the DW300c pumps

DW300c Tech

DW300c Install Instructions 

Note on CEL

The DW300c fuel pump draws more current than the OE pumps.  This may trigger a CEL through the fuel pump control module.  It is unknown if this can be turned off through a tuning system or scan-tool.  One known way to turn the CEL off is with a Boost A Pump, which is an additional cost.


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