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Want more out of your late model vehicle?  The easiest thing to do is plug in a Diablo Intune handheld tuner and load up one of their tunes and go.  This...

Want more out of your late model vehicle?  The easiest thing to do is plug in a Diablo Intune handheld tuner and load up one of their tunes and go.  This unit also features some great logging and graphs for you to monitor a variety of other parameters going on inside that technological masterpiece.  Check with Diablo to ensure your platform is supported.  


The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Reflash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges - all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy to use device.

As our flagship device, it is the only single handheld device on the market that comes PRELOADED with tunes for gasoline and diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number!* The Trinity’s evolution has been an interesting one: nearly all of its advancements and upgrades have been through changes to software without requiring physical changes to the hardware of the device itself. This powerful and versatile platform means a Trinity that was purchased on the product’s debut at the beginning of 2009 can be updated to have all the available adjustment and tuning capability of a brand new one. In addition to the extensive tuning support, it’s loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging. Combine all this with full support for custom tuning in gasoline, and it could be the last tuner you’ll ever need for your vehicle!


Performance Tuner Adds power, economy and TQ to your vehicle
Gauge Monitor Monitor hundreds of stock vehicle sensors
Virtual Drag Strip See 0-60, 0-100, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times
Data Logging Record up to 5 hours of data, including aftermarket sensors
ECU Diagnostics Check and Clear Trouble Codes on the Dash

    • CALIBRATE SPEEDO FOR GEAR RATIO  - Changing the gears in your rear differential is an excellent way of improving acceleration and 'off the line' performance, but going to deeper gears will also make your speedometer read higher than the actual vehicle speed.This parameter adjusts the speedometer signal to give you a true reading again. For use with most popular aftermarket gear ratios. NOTE: The Trinity cannot adjust the speedometer as a user accesible parameter for all GM factory calibrations. If it cannot, we can make that adjustment for you in a free custom tune. Custom tuning for any other modifications will still require a GM CMR Dealer. Email support@diablosport.com for details.  

      Larger wheels and tires are a popular performance and appearance upgrade for car and truck enthusiasts alike, but a tire diameter that is larger or smaller than the factory spec can make your speedometer read incorrectly.This parameter adjusts the signal to display a true speedometer and odometer reading again. Depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle, this information may be entered by advertised tire size, measure height in inches, or tire revolutions per mile.


      SHIFT POINTS - Allows you to pick the RPM of each individual shift point, in Tour and Sport mode to create two separate maps, which can be changed on the fly through your vehicle's factory selector. By using our tuning device to adjust the RPM at which the up- and down-shifts occur, you can customize your transmission settings to what you need and when you need it. NOTE: Dual-mode adjustment applies to 6-Speed automatics only. 4-speed vehicles have this adjustment in one map.

      SHIFT FIRMNESS - Diablosport's Electronic Shift Kit. Most automatic cars and trucks have very conservative settings from the factory in regards to the feel of shifting through the gears, but many enthusiasts prefer a harder shift on each gear. This parameter is adjustable by a percentage of increase in each individual upshift: 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and so on. This is an excellent way to tailor your vehicle's transmission characteristics to suit YOUR needs.  

      DISABLE SKIP SHIFT - Most late-model muscle cars with manual transmissions have an electronic "lock-out" that prevents the driver from selecting certain gears at certain speeds. All of our performance tunes automatically disable this function to let you row through all six gears like a real manual should!

      FUEL INJECTOR CALIBRATION - All Diablosport handheld tuning devices are capable of monitoring a vehicle's "fuel trims" as a way of determining if the vehicle needs adjustment to its air/fuel ratio. Primarily intended for adjusting or compensating for different injector sizes, this parameter can also be used to tell the PCM that the vehicle has slightly smaller or larger injectors in order to dial in the vehicles fuel trims to ensure the best fuel economy at anything other than Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

      All of our Performance tunes have revised spark mapping to improve power, but changing conditions and certain modifications (like Nitrous Oxide or high octane race fuel) can benefit from further adjustment to the timing. In supported applications, our tuning devices allow the user to take control of timing functions that were not previously accessible on a modern ignition system. 

      IDLE RPM - This parameter allows you the option to raise idle RPM of modified vehicles that need the extra speed to run the accessories, or for aftermarket camshafts. NOTE: Many modifications, like aftermarket cams, will still require a custom tune.  

    • REV LIMITER - 
Allows you to adjust the factory engine RPM limit to a higher cutoff for race use.

SPEED LIMITER - Allows you to adjust the vehicle's top speed limiter for race use.

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