Fluidyne: Heat Exchanger - 31" Low Mount [CTS V gen 2, LSA]



Whether you're running stock boost on the CTS V or an upgraded pulley kit, heat is the enemy of HP.  The more dense the intake charge, the more HP your car will make.  When dealing with Roots or Twin Screw superchargers there's always the issue of intake temps. When running the car hard and spinning the blower fast you create heat. Heat equals a loss in power as well as the possibility of damage to the engine. Timing lost due to heat above 140-150* Intake Air Temp sensor 2 can easily rob even a stock CTS V of 25+HP on a heat soaked motor.  One way to help reduce these intake temps and the risk of damage is to add a more efficient radiator to the system that holds more fluid which in turn helps lower intake temps by dissipating heat. This will allow the supercharger to be more efficient while in boost and cool down faster after high boost runs.

The Fluidyne is a 5 row core that holds an extra half gallon of fluid and measures 31" wide x 7" high x 5.5" deep

Unit comes with attached brackets ready for installation.

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