Incurve Forged FS-10 wheels



Part of Incurve's Prime Series of forged wheel designs, the FS-10 is custom made-to-order… designed, engineered, and FEA-tested to the exact specifications and requirements for optimal performance and fitment on your vehicle. Once the desired configuration and dimensions are determined, we will fine-tune our wheel designs specifically for your vehicle application to produce the most lightweight and aesthetically pleasing design, while maximizing structural integrity.

Further customization of each wheel design is available to produce a wheel set that is truly yours. Our forged designs allow for various assembly hardware setups, traditional PCD or centerlock adaption, lightweight pocketing features, and custom forged aluminum center caps.

The final step of the wheel process is when you, the client, get to choose the final appearance attributes for the custom wheel build. Using only the best powders on the market, Prismatic Powders, each 3 piece wheel design allows for you to specify the final finish of each component. Standard with Incurve on every build, choice of any single-tone powder color can be applied to the center forgings, outer lips, and center caps. Custom and premium finish options such as brushed, polished, chrome, multi-tone, and translucent finishes are available. You can also specify custom colors for exposed assembly hardware as well as a custom color fill for the center cap and forging lettering. 

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