JW: Flexplate SFI Approved [LSA LSX LT1 LT4]



The Wheel, the best known and highest money winning flexplate on the market continues to evolve! Available in a heavy weight, for quicker launches and more RPMs during the shift, or light weight for faster turbo spool time and improved engine response for street, circle track, or road race applications. These precision machined flexplates feature a double welded high quality ring gear and the highest quality steel centers. Designed to take the punishment of today's high HP high revving motors from street to Pro Mod applications. All of J.W.'s flexplates are SFI certified and have are placable ring gear. Most of The Wheels have dual bolt patterns in order to mate various converters to them. This is by far the highest quality flexplate on the market, and it pays contingency!

SFI reminder

SFI certified flexplate required when a vehicle runs:11.99 or quicker 1/4 7.49 or quicker 1/8 or over 135 MPH

A Custom Tune package is a must for this trans and makes a huge difference in the performance. åÊThis takes a few hours to "Dial in" . åÊWe will do this for you using your HP Tuners.

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