KPE: Exhaust [ATS V gen 1, LF4]

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The Cadillac ATS V is a force to be reckoned with, especially when tuned, but the OEM exhaust note from GM really needs some help.  KPE has a variety of...

The Cadillac ATS V is a force to be reckoned with, especially when tuned, but the OEM exhaust note from GM really needs some help.  KPE has a variety of options including:

  • Downpipes
  • Mid pipe
  • Cat Back
  • Axle Back

Rear Silencer Mufflers:

  • 3.0″ stainless steel 304L – 16 guage
  • Retains factory valve system (reusing electric motors)
  • Quad 3.5″ stainless exhaust tips
  • Custom ATS-V specific hand-crafted mufflers
    • Designed to flow 35% over stock when valves are closed
    • When valves are open at 100% (patent pending) the unique muffler design while being straight through, has a chamber that give the ATS-V a more deep tone unlike anything else on the market
  • Can be used with the “stock” mid-section or the KPE mid-section
  • Retains all factory mounting locations
  • When valves are closed, there is no unwanted cabin noise (no drone at highway speeds)
  • BEST of both worlds – Quiet when you need to or Loud when you want to!
  • Saves 12 lbs. over stock exhaust


  • 3.0″ stainless steel 304L 16 gauge (stock is 2.75″)
  • Much improved flow design
  • Designed to be a modular designed system (buy as you want more power) working with stock and KPE components
  • X-Pipe in the ideal location for maximum flow
  • Reuses factory center support bracket (un-like competitors)
  • Connects to factory catalytic converters
  • Stainless billet exhaust hangers

Downpipes have heavy duty flanges for superior strength. The KPE Stainless Downipes are designed specifically for your Cadillac ATS-V and constructed of US sourced stainless steel, TIG welded by hand for superior fit and finish and features two welded oxygen sensor bungs for for proper Lambda readings. Installation of the downpipes will do not require performance software tuning, but for more power, we recommend pairing with our ECU calibration.

ATS-V 3.6TT Axle Back Performance Exhaust is designed to give your ATS-V some serious attitude and superior styling.  The complete package adds the most performance and sound and is the ultimate in exhaust performance for the ATS-V.  All KPE exhaust products are 100% made in the USA. Hand built to order in Phoenix, Arizona using 304L stainless steel and TIG welded by skilled craftsmen for a superior fit and finish guaranteed to last for the time you own your vehicle. Don’t settle for lower quality materials and overseas labor for your luxury brand Cadillac. KPE offers the premier US designed and manufactured system for your Cadillac.

Easy installation only requires basic hand tools and takes less than one hour to install with average mechanical skills. If you are not comfortable installing your system or would rather just enjoy the benefits we recommend you contact your local Cadillac Dealer or qualified exhaust shop.

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