RP: Intake System with Catch Can [ATS V gen 1, LF4]

Vendor: Renick Performance


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The Renick Performance Cadillac ATS-V Equal Length Intake System & Catch-Can is a competition off-road use intake system with Catch-can. The Renick Performance Competition intake system is constructed of high...

The Renick Performance Cadillac ATS-V Equal Length Intake System & Catch-Can is a competition off-road use intake system with Catch-can. The Renick Performance Competition intake system is constructed of high strength aluminum tubing.

The system is 100% OEM fitment and has all the correct PCV and MAP bungs. The kit comes with 4 sections of intake pipe (100% equal Length driver vs. passenger side), heat shield, two high flow DryFit AEM filters (Dry series AEM filters to guard your MAF from oil), Catch-Can, GM PCV conversion bungs to Catch-Can, all hardware for install and operation. This system design is already Patent Pending for design in four alternative twin turbo platforms on the market.

The RP competition air intake kit will increase various areas of performance and efficiency. Why equal length tubing for the driver and passenger side? Imagine two different length straws. One straw is 4 feet long and one straw is 1 foot long. Which one will take more effort the suck air through if you held it up to your mouth? Answer the 4 foot straw.

Why? Because is has to travel down a closed loop system and fight resistance ever inch of the tube.

Equal length ensure that the compressor wheel on each side of the LF4 has identical RPM response as they spool up and spool down. The LF4 has matched mirror turbos for efficiency why not have a flow matched intake as well? This helps make the engine respond identical on both banks with maximum efficiency.

What is PCV? PCV stands for "Post Crankcase Vapor". Is PCV bad for my car? Yes, PCV is introducing vaporized engine oil back into the intake manifold. This creates a coating of oil residue on all the intake system components and lowers the combustion value of the octane in fuel.åÊ

What are the benefits of the Renick Performance system VS. the competitors? The competitors systems have a short ram style driver side intake pipe with the MAF only 14 inched from the compressor on a bent pipe.

This creates inaccurate readings in the MAF censor. Another over looked problem with competitor systems is direct PCV connection to the intake pipes. The GM OEM PVC hoses connect to a type of Venturi system. This allows the PCV to not be under vacuum and extract raw oil or create negative degrees of vacuum in the crank case or valve covers. Plus, no competitors have equal flow systems. 

What does to much PCV do to my turbos, intake manifold, and intercooler? A overage of PCV being pulled from the PCV ports will coat the turbo, intercooler cores, and piston heads in engine oil. This ultimately will void your warranty claim if GM can link the issue to bad aftermarket parts that lead to a failure.

The Renick Performance ELCIA system uses a catch can. Per US emissions the PCV must be rerouted back into the intake system somewhere inline with the intake pipes pre-combustion.

We route the OEM PCV to the Catch-Can unit. The PCV vapors collect in the Catch-Can over time and can be drained by turning the drain valve to "open". The excess air that travels with the PCV is rerouted to the intake system far cleaner than the raw PCV that was previously rerouted to the intake in the OEM system and competitor systems.

The Renick Performance Catch-Can has a series of baffles that the PC vapor must snake through. This separates the vapor, air and moisture before escaping back into the intake system as filtered air.

Increased Performance: The Renick Performance ELCIA will gain approximately 20 horse power and 20 pounds feet of torque. The true benefits to the intake system is the increase of initial CFM demand and how the demand can increase at less resistance throughout the RPM band. The Stock LF4 doesn't build Boost until the 4k range. With the RP intake you will see initial boost building around 2000 RPM. The OEM intake has reducers to limit flow. The responsiveness of the RP intake will make the car feel like a different animal.

The Renick Performance intake Heat shield comes with all install hardware with out any fabrication. The heat shield allows the intake tubes to move back and forth through the heat shield as the engine torques side to side on the motor mounts.

The system ships ready to install. Any and all installation questions can be answered by calling us direct, YouTube instruction video, or calling/facetime support with one of our staff. If you have any questions please call us directly.

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