WEAPON-X.900 (Stage 3) Installed with Warranty [C7 Corvette ZR1, LT5]

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Chevrolet's highest HP production Corvette has landed and WEAPON-X purchased #156 to continue our unparalleled R&D.  We were first to mod the C7 ZR1, the first to break 700whp, then...
Limited Warranty

Chevrolet's highest HP production Corvette has landed and WEAPON-X purchased #156 to continue our unparalleled R&D.  We were first to mod the C7 ZR1, the first to break 700whp, then 750whp, and then 800whp and we already have packages coming together for the ZR1 owners and this package will do just that!

This stage 3 package installed at our WEAPON-X facility addresses some of the basics to optimize the 755 BHP LT5's engine and keep it clean and efficient.


  1. WEAPON-X Intake system with GM Performance Air Box
  2. WEAPON-X LT5 95mm Ported Throttle Body
  3. Kooks 2" headers and Green catted x pipe
  4. WEAPON-X Stage 2 Pulley
  5. WEAPON-X Sensor Kit
  6. 160* Thermostat
  7. Brisk Spark Plugs
  8. Magnecor 85kv Spark Plug Wires
  9. WEAPON-X Custom Valve Covers
  10. Elite E2X Catch Can
  11. WEAPON-X "X900" Badges
  12. WEAPON-X "X900" Floor Mats

Optional: Akrapovic Slip On Titanium Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips


  • WEAPON-X Intake system with GM Performance Air Box:  GM Performance Air intake box with Jake logo, coupled with our intake tube provides major airflow gains!  

  • WEAPON-X LT 95mm Ported Throttle Body:  The WEAPON-X ported throttle bodies are quickly becoming notorious for quality, improved driveability, and power!  

  • Kooks 2" Headers and Green Catted X pipe: The 2" long tube headers and high flow collector system help exhaust the hot gases from the cylinders to maintain a cooler/safer mixture and the 48 state legal green cats will keep you mostly compliant and also will keep the raw 93 fuel smell away while not robbing you of any horsepower.  
    Note: These can throw the occasional CEL due to the rear 02 sensors.  Kooks is working on a fix; however, until then, we include an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter to sync with your phone to easily turn this off within a couple pushes of a button! 

  • WEAPON-X Stage 2 Pulley:  The WEAPON-X Griptec pulleys are the new latest and greatest in pulley technology for your 2019 2020 or 2021 C7 Corvette ZR1!  The WEAPON-X versions are spec'ed out based on the Eaton 2650 supercharger's capabilities in our proprietary sizes.

  • WEAPON-X Gen 5 Thermostat 160*:  Add a lower temp t stat that will allow your motor to run cooler.  The fans will still kick on at the 195* mark, but the higher flowing 160* stat will help flow and cooler temps at speed.

  • Brisk Silver Spark Plugs:  Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs are the best solution for high performance and racing engines. Silver Spark Plugs provide many unique and beneficial characteristics, Silver is taking sparkplug technology to a whole new level, here are many reasons why our Brisk Silver Racing SparkPlugs are beneficial for your engines performance. 

  • Magnecor 85kV Spark Plug Wires:  Hi-Performance LT spark plug wires built to our standards, which mean they are built specifically for gen 5 LT engines and have the necessary heat protection for your long tube header installation. Our LT performance spark plug wire sets begin with a heat shielded Magnacor wire. Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed conductor consists of a stainless steel wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferromagnetic core. 

  • WEAPON-X Custom Valve Covers:  Powder coated any color including color matched to brake calipers which is popular.  Our billet valve covers are machined in-house and were designed from the OEM GM LT valve cover CAD file, and even reuse the OEM valve cover gaskets.  These include coil brackets to mount them above the valve covers or you can opt to relocate the coils to completely expose the valve covers.  These with the focus on improving the looks and the performance of your PCV system.  We have added ports in the baffling and enlarged the outlet ports for improved airflow.  This reduces the restriction seen by the crank case pressure which can lead to leaking front cam and rear main seals commonly found on higher HP LS and LT engines.  We have been private labeling these for the top LS and LT performance shops across the country and have gotten nothing but rave reviews!

  • Elite E2X Catch Can:  Catch cans are imperative on parasitic engines that ingest the PCV oily air back through the motor.  The direct injection removes the fuel that ran through the cylinder head ports, which cleaned the back of the valves on previous LS engines; however, even they needed catch cans to filter that oily air and prevent oil from pooling inside the supercharger and caking and drying inside of the intercooler bricks.  

  • WEAPON-X "X900" Badges:  Our classy badges are subtle and designed to compliment the car, while sporting your newfound power.  

  • WEAPON-X "X900" Floor Mats:  Standard stitching color is silver with a red X; however, you can customize the colors upon ordering as well.  We know what you're thinking, your CTS V has nice mats from the factory, but trust us, we have these private labeled by the best in the industry!  The ultra plush material is three times heavier than standard automotive carpeting.  The multi layer backing and urethane core provides extra cushioning helps insulates against heat and road noise and come standard with factory compatible anchoring devices. 


  • Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust:  This takes exhaust tuning to the next level. Featuring mufflers and link-pipes made from high-grade titanium to dramatically reduce the overall weight, the system provides more power, lowers back pressure, enhances throttle response, and increases torque. 

      X900 Package with WEAPON-X Professional Installation:


        1. WEAPON-X Standard Limited Warranty
        2. WEAPON-X Supplemental Warranty 1 year/10,000 miles
        3. WEAPON-X Supplemental Warranty 3 year/30,000 miles

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