WEAPON-X: Competition Radiator [CTS V gen 2, LSA]

WEAPON-X Motorsports


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The factory CTS V radiator is a production unit and sure it works for the average V owner, but you're different right?  You had to have more HP and want to keep that tire shredding, turn smashing, strip terrorizing monster you've modified as cool as possible.  A cooler engine is a more efficient engine. High heat blocks can lead to detonation/KR and eventually failure.  If you're in hotter climates, this is even more necessary as the effects of convection are lessened with hotter air passing through any radiator.  A cooler supercharged motor translates to more HP and a longer engine life.  

Complete Aluminum Radiator
Integrates with factory fans or optional dual 12" SPAL lightweight high efficiency fans flowing 1700CFM!
Works with all factory hoses and connection points
Lifetime Warranty
Made in USA!

Can take approximately 15 business days to ship depending upon inventory.  

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