WEAPON-X: Track Attack Heat Exchanger [CTS V gen 2, LSA]

WEAPON-X Motorsports


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You are looking at the original HX that a lot of these heat exchangers these parts peddlers attempted to copy and while they might have tried to imitate the size, they've failed to imitate the most important part... the internals.  There isn't another heat exchanger on the market with more surface area for cooling.  This unit not only allows more fresh air to pass uninhibited across the fins but it is also the only one this size with a twin 1" tube core!  For most intended purposes, GM Performance had it right with the shape of the stock style of heat exchanger with a square core with more front surface area and a thinner core to allow air to flow through more easily at lower speeds and also take advantage of the dual fans behind the radiator.  A heat exchanger is a necessity for any supercharged engine, especially when asking for increased performance. Superior cooling efficiency to the stock unit.

Dimensions are 22 X 17 X 3 with a 2.75" core compared to the stock 0.5" thickness.  

Can take 10-20 business days to ship depending upon inventory.  

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