WHIPPLE: [ 18+ Mustang GT ] STAGE 1 (3.0L) Intercooled Supercharger Kit

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SKU: WK-2625B-STG1

NOTE: ALSO AVAILABLE IN POLISHED FINISHES. PLEASE SELECT ABOVE.   Whipple Stage 1 kit for the 2018+ Mustang features the NEW Gen 5 supercharger for maximum efficiency, power and torque....



Whipple Stage 1 kit for the 2018+ Mustang features the NEW Gen 5 supercharger for maximum efficiency, power and torque. Already established as a proven performer, the Gen 5 takes yours S550 Mustang to the next level with instant boost at any throttle position. This all new system is specific to the 2018+ Mustang and is a perfect match to the direct injected 5.0L Coyote engine. The Whipple Stage 1 also features an even larger intercooler than the already massive Whipple Cooler that cooled the Ford Cobra Jets and all the record setting S550 Mustangs. Couple this with the industry's leading heat exchanger, water reservoir and intercooler pump, you get more power with lower boost levels and quicker recovery times after aggressive operation.

The Stage 1 system makes *775 flywheel HP and *630 foot pounds of torque and is offered with an optional 3 year, 36,000 mile power-train. warranty.

Whats Included?
• Whipple PCM Tuning & Flight Control Software
• Includes 38lb Injectors and Billet Fuel Rails
• Uses Stock 80mm Throttle Body
• Includes 4in Pulley
• 6 Rib Belt System
• All Necessary Parts and Hardware for Installation

Gen 5 Benefits
The new, direct and port injected supercharger system features the brand new Generation 5 3.0L front feed twin-screw supercharger. Not to be confused with the Gen 3 or 4, this all new supercharger features industry leading efficiency from idle to redline. All new bearings, gears, rotors and housing allow the new supercharger to spin faster, longer and safer while producing more power than any other positive displacement supercharger ever built.

Installation Features
• Fits under factory hood with no modifications
• No cutting or grinding on the engine block
• No cutting or grinding the K-brace
• No internal modifications required
• Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
• Plug and play wiring with male and female connections
• OEM quick connect fittings for easy installation

With years of OEM and racing experience, Whipple engineers have developed a unique PCM calibration that re configures all the necessary engine functions including fuel, spark, knock detection, torque management, transmission control and electronic throttle control. The vehicles PCM constantly monitors the engines torque output while monitoring many different parameters to keep the engine in its ideal parameters. If a parameter falls below specification, the PCM will lower boost and torque output until the problem can be cured. No other calibration in the field has such technology, giving the Whipple SC system unheralded performance and reliability. Each Whipple kit comes with unique software and a OBDII flash tool giving the customer the ability to flash/update whenever needed. Each customer also gets the new Flight Control Software, ability to adjust wheel/axle size, octane adjustment, crank/cam relearn and many other unique features.

Boost, Belts, Pulley Info
Each complete Whipple Mustang supercharger system comes with the IAT2 harness and sensor to properly monitor the delta between the incoming air and the compressed air after the intercoolers, this helps maximize power in all given environments. The 6-rib billet idler system features a billet spring loaded tensioner, billet idler pulleys and lightweight pocketed supercharger pulley. The 6-rib can easily be upgraded to a 10-rib with the optional 10-rib system. Each system comes with an adjustable idler pulley to allow variance in SC pulleys with minimal belt length changes. The massive 150mm Roval inlet allows for nearly any throttle body to be run, 80mm stock, 132mm or 150mm throttle bodies.

Fuel System
The Whipple S550 Mustang system uses custom made Magnetti Marelli 38lb/hr (@ 3 bar) dual spray pattern fuel injectors and billet fuel rails. Every fuel line and rubber hose is emissions compliant and features quick connect style for simple installation. Each injector is pre-tested and flow matched. No other fuel system mods are required.

Whipple Optional Upgrades
• Throttle Body: The new Whipple system uses the factory throttle body for its base kit, but offers an over-sized elliptical billet throttle body that can be purchased now or later. When you option for the big throttle body, you should always option for the high flow fuel injectors.
• Electric Fans: Whipple offers a dual 11" Spal electric fan option that attaches to the heat exchanger for improved cooling capacity.
• Oversized Heat Exchanger: Lowers the IAT2 temps for better performance. The new high capacity LTR takes performance to an entirely new level. The all aluminum heat exchanger features a new dual pass design, dual 3/4" ID inlet/out fitting, natural race finish and 3.1" thick core for un compromised capacity.
• 10 Rib Belt Upgrade: Whipple Superchargers comes standard with the stock 6-rib type belt system. For race applications, Whipple has developed a 10-Rib belt system using a Dayco HD tensioner, billet 6061-T6 pulleys and all the necessary hardware for installation.
• Tune Options: The standard complete kit includes a Whipple PCM reflash tool. The PCM Flash Device option is a PCM/laptop based program that flashes the stock PCM, along with options to change tire/axle ratios, read/erase trouble codes and relearn crank/cam position.
**The "tune delete" option is a complete kit, minus the tune and flash tool. This makes the kit not legal in California and is for off-road use only.
**This option should be picked for custom engine applications that require custom tuning.

Vehicle Identification Number VIN:
The new PCM architecture of the new 5.0L Mustang (2015+) now requires a unique VIN Identifier for each vehicle calibration.

*Power numbers are quoted with 93 octane under ideal conditions, actual results may vary depending on conditions and testing procedures. 91 octane testing will always result in lower power numbers.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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