WEAPON-X Forged: WIDEx5.C3 Custom Wheels (3 piece Trioblock)

Vendor: WEAPON-X Motorsports


This is one of our signature wheels, the WIDEx5.R3 which means this is the WIDEx5 profile with the .C (raised leg) concave face and the 3 designates it's a 3 piece...
Color - Center/Lip

This is one of our signature wheels, the WIDEx5.R3 which means this is the WIDEx5 profile with the .C (raised leg) concave face and the 3 designates it's a 3 piece wheel.

Custom wheel packages with tires and TPMS available upon request!  

Weapon X Motorsports has been getting into everything from carbon fiber aero components to performance parts and having designed a lot of wheels over the years, we finally felt it was the right time to delve into yet another market with WXM Forged.  We hooked up with one of the top American forged wheel manufacturers to bring our fresh and creative ideas to life!  The result has been nothing short of spectacular!  

The WIDEx5 is a variation of the popular double 5 star/10 spoke styling; however, we decided to take it up a notch by making them convex and concave and sharpening the edges to result in a very aggressive, yet eye pleasing wheel.  With the hard lines found on most of the new generations, the sharp edgy angles fit perfectly!  

The WIDEx5 starts out from T6061 aluminum and is whipped into rolling art right here in the USA.  The three piece center technology and aggressive spoke angles allow clearance for even the most massive brake setups - yes, even you carbon ceramic guys!  

It is currently available in 19, 20, 21 and 22 inch diameters with widths from 8 to 14 inch and a range of offsets. 

The hardware bolts can be hidden or exposed on this if you want to do a more racy look and can even be color matched to the car paint.

For finishes, the sky is the limit up to and including carbon fiber, not hydrodipped either!  

There is no charge for standard finishes which include:  
Gloss/Matte - Brushed and cleared, Black, Carbon Flash, Silver, Gunmetal Gray, Silver, or Race Gold

Optional Finishes adds $500 total:
Custom color, Tinted brushed, Brushed face with colored windows (spoke sides), 2-tone painted, Chrome, High Polish

Carbon Fiber center adds $1400 total to "Standard Color" price below.

Chrome, polished, or standard colors are no charge. 

Carbon Fiber outer lip adds $1200 total to "Standard Color" price below.

Carbon Fiber lips and cetner adds $2500 total to to "Standard Color" price below.


Custom wheels are made to order; estimated lead times are 5-8 weeks.  Custom finishes and Carbon Fiber adds a couple weeks to the lead time.  We'll provide an estimate upon inquiry; however, thus is only an estimate. Delays with raw materials, manufacturing, finishing, etc can happen, as well as damage in freight or finishing issues and will be handled per the order to ensure you get what you ordered and do not result in discounts or refunds. 

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