Camaro ZL1 gains 47whp from Headers, Exhaust, Tune

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Camaro ZL1 gains 47whp from Headers, Exhaust, Tune
In this report, we will be going over the results of installing a full catless exhaust on Aaron's 2014 ZL1 Camaro.  The car received a set of Kook's LT headers and catless X-pipe, and a Corsa catback exhaust.  The car was able to make some very healthy horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire powerband. 
Kook's LT Headers
Kook's Catless X-pipe
Corsa catback exhaust system
Aaron's ZL1 came in as close to bone-stock as you can get, with the exception of an aftermarket intake.  Back to back baseline dyno pulls showed the car making 478 HP and 461 lbft of torque.  Not surprisingly and true to stock GM form, the LSA was pig rich in the midrange and top end of the powerband. 
After the exhaust install, tuning was next on the list to capitalize on the new-found power potential of the free-breathing LSA engine.  In addition to a snarling beefy exhaust note, the ZL1 picked up 47 HP up top and 40lbft across the entire powerband after fueling and timing were tuned for safety, power, and responsiveness.
Next on the menu for the ZL1 should probably be a set of pullies, injectors, and a DSX Flex Fuel and pump kit to really wake the car up, enter the +600rwhp territory, and to become the street and drag strip terror GM intended the ZL1 to be.

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