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Posted by Aubrey Herndon on

Stopped by completely unannounced on my way thru to RM Detailing to get my car...

"It all started with the hood..." - yes it did...and grew into something far greater than ever imagined.

Greeted at the front by staff and walked thru to Ben's office. I received a VIP tour of the new facilities. Shop space, dyno area, CNC/port bench, shop and customer cars in for upgrades, etc...right down to the V2 that launched the whole deal. The shop is exceptionally clean, well organized considering the move and the techs busy doing killer work.

What I did NOT expect was the offer of a ride in the WXM ATS-V! Yes please! All I can say is they look 10x better in person and I am sold on that as an upgrade when it's time to retire the V2.

We spent probably an hour total BS'ing and touring. For the owner to take that kind of time out of his day...unannounced and without an appointment mind treat a customer speaks VOLUMES about how he conducts himself and his business.

Customer. For. Life.

He really is an enthusiast just like the rest of us. I'm looking forward to my next visit already.

Beer on me.

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