2016+ CTS-V3 (LT4) Interior

2016+ CTS-V3 (LT4) Interior

Cadillac keeps raising the bar and the interior on the 2016+ CTS V is no different!  From the optional Recaro seats to the heads up display and air bag advancements continue to make the cockpit experience not only more adrenalizing, but also safer.  In here you'll find the other interior enhancements to help your captain's chair be all it can be.


WEAPON-X Motorsports is the go-to #1 vendor for the Cadillac V Series aftermarket and we were of course one of the first to dive into R&D and came up with an extensive list of mods to make the Cadillac ownership experience your own. Our reputation for quality and service in the Cadillac market is unprecedented!

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