2016+ CTS-V3 (LT4) Packages

2016+ CTS-V3 (LT4) Packages

It doesn't matter if you've already been modding your 2016+ Cadillac CTS V or you're brand new behind the wheel and looking for something to turn it up the power, this is the section for you.  

Although the direct injected gen 5 LT4 power plant in the CTS Vs are brand new, we've been making big power on the gen 5 motors since we picked up our C7 Stingray with the get 5 LT1.  Now that beast has been built to a 427 ci motor with a healthy shot of nitrous.  We also have plenty of experience with the LT4 powered C7 Z06s!  

We have several stages of HP packages from beginner to heavily modded, track packages, and also drag strip packages.   

These packages are just staged to help you reach certain power levels for street or drag racing as well as track racing.  We of course can work out custom packages as well, so feel free to call or email us at sales@weapon-x.com


WEAPON-X Motorsports is the go-to #1 vendor for the Cadillac V Series aftermarket and we were of course one of the first to dive into R&D and came up with an extensive list of mods to make the Cadillac ownership experience your own. Our reputation for quality and service in the Cadillac market is unprecedented!

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