Lunati: Pro Series Billet Connecting Rods [Camaro Corvette CTS V, LS LT]



Lunati 6.125" Pro Billet Connecting Rods, .927" Wrist Pin, 2.1" Crank Pin

Lunati's Pro Billet Connecting Rods offer the highest strength and durability for the most demanding engines. They are built to withstand up to 1,100 HP! It's an excellent choice for high RPM solid-rollers, forced induction setups, and nitrous engines. 

LS-1 Super Light Pro Billet Connecting Rod 6.125 Length, 2.100 Crank Journal, .940 Rod Width, .927 Bushed Wrist Pin, Rod Weight 630–635 Grams, Singles Available As LTE9-1.

Installation Notes:
  • Torque With ARP
  • Lube To .0050–.0055 Bolt Stretch Value
  • Replacement Rod Bolt CRB–150

  • 1100 HP Rated
  • 4340E Billet CNC Profiled
  • 7/16 ARP 2000 Series
  • Rod Bolts Exacting Tolerance
  • Precision Weight Matching
  • Stronger And More Durable
  • Limited Warranty

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