Mast: LS3 LSA 255cc 4.000" Cylinder Heads [Camaro Corvette CTS V, LS3 LSA]

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 A head that truly has no competition.  The Mast LSA 255cc head was designed for customers with medium bore LS engines that wanted to run LS3 intakes or LS3/LSA superchargers.  This head is very capable when paired with the proper intake and displacement and has supported over 800hp on pump gas with a Whipple 2.9L consistently.

Heads come standard with PAC 1207X Double Springs for boosted applications; however, if you want the N/A PAC 1204X Beehive Springs, specify in the order notes.  Listing also includes the GM rocker arm mounts.

The ultimate upgrade for your LS3 or LSA engine is here.  Mast Motorsports LS3/LSA 255 Black Label heads are at the forefront of power and performance.  Designed from a clean sheet this head supports 600+ horsepower on stock bottom end LS3 engines with supporting modifications.  If you are looking to upgrade your LS3 or LSA with the best aftermarket LS head on the market, look no further.  

  • Designed for LS short-blocks with 4.000" bore or larger
  • The 6-Bolt design is compatible with GM LSX and World LSX blocks
  • Accepts Gen IV LS3 valvetrain and intake manifolds.
  • Uses a 2.165" intake valve and 1.600" exhaust valve
  • 11 Degree Valve angle
  • Has a 255cc intake port
  • Has a 69cc combustion chamber standard
  • Has a deck thickness of .750"
  • Cast & Machined in the USA!
Flow Data w/4.000" Bore Plate
Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 74 61
0.200 146 119
0.300 222 188
0.400 282 219
0.500 330 236
0.600 360 251
0.700 372 260

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