Mast: LS7 285cc 4.125" Cylinder Heads [Camaro Corvette CTS V, LS7]

Mast Motorsports


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Trying to improve on the best factory small-block cylinder heads ever built is no small endeavor. And yes, GM's 12-degree LS7 castings are the best small-block heads of all time-regardless of engine make-trumping even the legendary Ford Cleveland heads. With a full CNC rubdown, monster 2.20/1.61-inch valves, and raised 270cc intake ports to go along with a flat 12-degree valve angle, factory LS7 heads flow 360 cfm out of the box. That's big-block territory, and at a hair less than $3,000 for a set of fully assembled LS7 heads from your friendly GMPP distributor, they're an exceptional value as well. So naturally, we were quite intrigued when Mast Motorsports announced it had developed its own 285cc LS7 castings that outflows the factory design.

  • Utilizes the Gen IV LS7 OEM rockers and accepts LS7 intake manifolds
  • Designed for any new Gen IV short-block with 4.125" bore or larger
  • The 6-bolt design is compatible with GM LSX and RHS Blocks
  • Uses a 2.200" intake valve and 1.600" exhaust valve
  • Has a 285cc intake port
  • Has a deck thickness of .750"
  • 70cc Combustion Chamber Standard

***Due to the thicker deck and higher valve cover rails some beauty covers are not compatible.  When using Corvette (Y-Body) front accessories alternator may need to be clearanced.


Flow Data w/ 4.125" Bore Plate
Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 76 65
0.200 163 118
0.300 245 171
0.400 307 212
0.500 350 229
0.600 379 245
0.650 388 247
0.700 395 249

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