Monster Clutch: C7 Corvette Triple Disc Clutch

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Are you finally finding the limitations of the stock clutch and ready to upgrade to hold some serious power? Monster has several options for you!The first option retains the softness...

Are you finally finding the limitations of the stock clutch and ready to upgrade to hold some serious power? Monster has several options for you!

The first option retains the softness and weight of the factory flywheel assembly by using a modified C7 Corvette LT1 twin disc, which is an already improved upon version of what's in the CTSV/ZL1 by GM. They modify the pressure plate and put ceramic frictions in the setup to hold much more HP. This allows for a factory feeling clutch that keeps shudder at bay and allows for excellent holding capacity. The second option will knock off 11.5 lbs of rotating mass on the crankshaft picking up power and bringing the motor to life! The NVH will be increased slightly and you must run a 5th Gen Camaro slave, but it makes for a really fun car!

LT1-S (Stock-1150 rwhp/rwtq)
This is basically an OEM replacement that has zero issues with high rpm release. Even though it will technically hold more power than the factory unit, most guys are well beyond this if they're buying a clutch.

LT1-SK (Stock-1300 rwhp/rwtq)
The "big brother" to the SK Series twin, the S Series triple utilizes the same technology but has the added bonus of being able to hold up to 1,300 rwhp/rwtq!  We start by using a factory GM LT1 based pressure plate setup and modify the lift/release as well as plate load to increase performance - all while leaving the pedal effort 100% factory.

LT1-SC (1200-1500 rwhp/rwtq)
This setup will hold what it's rated at while providing excellent drivability. I'd really recommend swapping to our flywheel. There are two versions of our flywheels, one is a standard weight (total weight coming in at 55.5 lbs) and the other is a lightweight version (coming in at 51.5 lbs). Even though that doesn't sound like a lot of weight it's all out of the outer edges so it's very dramatic. I'd really recommend not running the lightweight setup on something street driven, this will force the customer to increase the rpm's while they're driving increasing the chances of glazing and chatter.

LT1-R (1500-2000 rwhp/rwtq)
This setup is our most aggressive twin. It will hold what it's rated at but it will chatter from time to time. It's more of an on/off setup - so, make sure guys are aware. We still offer the two weight options but I highly recommend avoiding the lightweight setup.

36" Remote bleeder is $49.99 extra. 40" Remote Speed Bleeder $69.99.

In addition, Monster offers direct tech support for installs/trouble shooting at 817-750-2000

Lead time 10-15 business days

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

A Custom Tune package is a must for this trans and makes a huge difference in the performance.  This takes a few hours to "Dial in" .  We will do this for you using your HP Tuners.

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