RaceMesh Grilles: Upper Lower Front Grill [CTS V gen 2, LSA]



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The grill sets the stage for the focal point on your 2009+ Cadillac CTS V.  You've modded your V and might have the power mods, wheels, springs, V Power hood etc, but the front end is still lacking something?  It's the grill behind that crest on the front.  There really isn't a good solution for modifying the factory grill, either you paint and it chips off easily, showing chrome though or you plastidip and while it's good from far, you see the imperfections up close.  Or maybe, you wanted the factory black chrome option and have been waiting for years and still nothing available.  The shape of the front bumper and grill sizes are the perfect canvas to upgrade to a nice high quality RaceMesh!  

We offer RaceMesh™ Grilles in standard Silver (Stainless Steel a Gun Metal look), ElectroPolished Stainless Steel (Chrome look), and Black Powder Coat ( Blacked Out / Stealth look), Black Chrome, and a unique Silver Leopard finish. Additionally, we also offer “Color Matching” (Special Order) – We match your cars color for the RaceMesh™ Kidney Grilles outer surround (rather than the OEM standard Chrome & Grey). We only utilize new OEM factory parts when fabricating our custom RaceMesh™ Grilles!

INCLUDES: New factory GM upper and lower grilles, pre-fabricated with RaceMesh of choice. Complete replacements, Plug n Play installation, OEM Fit and Finish.

Lead time is 4 weeks, custom paint allow 1 additional week.  Each order is custom made, so RMG doesn't accept returns.



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