Squash: Dual Tank Pump Return Fuel System [CTS V gen 2, LSA]



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Tired of the limitations of the stock CTS V fuel system?  Whether running over 700rwhp on 93 or e85, this is your solution to a true return fuel system capable of supporting 1200+ rwhp.  Multiple setup options on return lines.

This complete kit includes:

Dual Pumper with 400LPH pumps or Dual Pumper with dual E85 400lph pumps
Return style wiring harness purchased with FS-10022, unterminated at battery
2 PSI switch and metripack pigtail
Sending unit core
Full return system, -6 supply, stock as return
Crossover adapter

This is the highest flowing fuel pump system available for the 2010+ Camaro at 800 LPH, or 900+ LPH with the optional E85 upgrade. This dual fuel pump hanger is built from CNC machined 6061 aluminum and is completely sealed using o-ring construction. Nothing but the best components are used throughout.

The outer part of your stock bucket is retained - it swaps over in minutes with no pain. Utilizing this allows you to use the entire capacity of your fuel tank by drawing fuel all the way to the bottom and the effects of fuel slosh are minimized just like the stock unit.

For quick turnaround these can be ordered with a core exchange. You just ship your stock bucket assembly in and it will be turned around the same day with a unit off the shelf. You can also just pay the core charge and get a unit right away without having to send your stock one back. 

Includes your choice of -6 AN fittings standard and -8 available at additional cost; however unnecessary for most street setups. The ports are both machined for -8 straight-cut o-ring type fittings. 

Our plug and play return-style wiring harness (optional, see below) has double 10ga wiring, circuit breakers with mounting bracket, socketed relays, and plugs into the stock vehicle harness in place of the stock fuel pump. An optional Hobbs pressure switch with 15' pigtail and sealed connector is available that just plugs right into our harness. Also includes an installation guide. 

Some additional features:

- Heavy duty sealed connectors
- Pumps wired individually so you can power one pump using a Hobbs switch
- Integrated one-way check valve for quick starting and shorter prime times
- Anodized for corrosion protection
- All stainless hardware
- E85 version available with all Viton o-rings and E85 certified pumps for maximum flow


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