WEAPON-X: Flex Fuel Package [Camaro Corvette CTS V, LS3 LSA]

Vendor: DSX


$2,100.00 $2,715.00
For this SALE, you get the DSX Fuel Pump Kit, Flex Fuel Converter, & your choice of ID 1050X, 1300, or 1700 injectors at the lowest cost possible! Read all...

For this SALE, you get the DSX Fuel Pump Kit, Flex Fuel Converter, & your choice of ID 1050X, 1300, or 1700 injectors at the lowest cost possible! Read all about these products below.

This is a complete package to get E85 up and going on your vehicle! Included in this package:

  • Vehicle specific flex fuel kit
  • Vehicle specific aux fuel pump kit
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050X, ID1300X, or ID1700X

Currently available for 09-14 CTS-V, 12-15 ZL1, and 09-13 ZR1. Choose your application from the drop down menu.

Injector Info:
Upgrading injectors? Any injector can "flow" at wide open throttle, the difference is in low end drivability; don't settle!
Product Features
Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are the result of batch testing large quantities of specially modified fuel injectors, and then carefully matching them to within 1%, in sets based on their dynamic flow across the pulsewidth range. The result is vastly superior cylinder to cylinder consistency, even at very low pulse widths.

In addition to receiving tightly matched injectors, you will be provided with dead time compensation values across the entire pressure and voltage range of the injector. This data will insure that the compensations in your ECU work properly, and your air fuel ratios will remain consistent as atmospheric or voltage conditions change.

With pressure capability in excess of 8 bar this injector has found a home in many different applications.

The ID1050X will maintain strict linearity at flow rates that will satisfy idle and cruise requirements for engines. If you're unsure if these will work in your application, give us a call and we'll help you figure out what it will take.  

The ID1050X is a direct fit in GM LS3-LS7-L76-L92-L99-LSA motors, and is the first high flow injector supplied with accurate characterization files for an OEM quality tune.

The SCT/EFI Live/HP Tuners compatible data files are generated from dynamic characterization of the injectors in the same manner as the original OEM injector data. These are not stock values massaged by "Billy Bob the Backyard Tuner" The result is a better quality tune with less effort invested in the tuning process.

In addition to being fully characterized, the low flow control and tight flow matching across the pulsewidth range guarantees OEM quality idle and drivability.For a detailed description of the characterization process and the mathematics used by the PCM to process the data, follow this link.

Flex Fuel Sensor Info
Want to convert your CTS V over to e85 but worried about not only the ethanol content variation of your local pump, but also not being able to find e85 regularly? Convert it to ethanol and you'll have the ability to tune your car for all and the sensor will read the alcohol content in your fuel and adjust accordingly.

DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit Info
The DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit for the 2009 - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V is a competitively-priced alternative to the expensive and difficult-to-install return-style fuel-system conversions. It is also eliminates the need to run 'boost a pump' style controllers that spike fuel pump voltage, which tax and subsequently shorten the lifespan of the factory fuel pump. With properly sized fuel injectors, this Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit will easily support over 1,200 wheel-horsepower on gasoline, and well over 800 wheel-horsepower on e85 ethanol based fuels.

The DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit mounts externally off your fuel tank and works in conjunction with your factory fuel pump, only when additional fuel volume is needed. The kit is centered around the-tried-and-true Bosch 044 Fuel Pump and is triggered by a unique DSX Tuning-developed pump controller, which uses the factory MAP sensor signal to trigger the pump to turn on at 7 pounds of boost. The fuel pump will also turn off at 4psi of boost. This means that the pump is passive when not in use (and thus silent), and active when additional fuel demands are required by the ECM.

The fuel pump controller also features a priming function that will run the pump for a short period of time when the key is turned on to help purge the line with new fuel. This is helpful for users that frequently change between gasoline and ethanol. This also helps to ensure the pump is primed the first time you bury the go-pedal!

The pump includes a low profile check valve on the outlet as well as a 40 micron pre-filter to help protect the pump from any debris that could potentially cause damage.

Easy electrical connectors are provided by the harness and all mounting bracketry, hardware, zip ties, and safety wire are included in the kit. All fuel lines are pre-made, and a specially designed adapter make tying the 044 into the factory line an easy proposition. Push connections are utilized throughout as well.

Fuel is supplied by drilling the tank and installing the supplied 90* pipe thread AN fitting along with the included sealant. We offer (and highly recommend) the optional drill bit and thread tap for $50 to make the installation easier.

Very concise installation instructions with detailed photos are also included with each kit. Installation time for an experienced mechanic is under 2 hours. The factory fuel tank does not have to be removed, and no lift is required for installation.

This kit can be installed prior to tuning, but in order to take full advantage you will need HP Tuners or EFI Live tuning software and access to a dyno / competent tuner.

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