ultimateendz 700+HP Whippled Coupe is the first to be sporting the V Power hood

Posted by Ben Herndon on

May 2012

"First coupe (that I'm aware of) with this hood.  My chrome trim fit perfectly...my shop is meticulous when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Took them an hour or so to put it on but it went on flawlessly, only issue is the fact you will have to dremel the windshield wiper sprayers larger.  They are tiny but I LOVE MY HOOD....and my Whipple that just came in!"




- Thanks for the order and yes those washer nozzle holes are snug intentionally by the manufacturer.  I'm glad to see you're putting that V Power hood to good use with a Whipple!  You're making some great power.  And you're the first V Coupe with the hood too!  The motion shot of your V is awesome.  Enjoy!

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