NEW!!! WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit [Camaro Corvette CTS-V]

The Solution to fuel issues: WEAPON-X Secondary Port Injection Kit

The solution for big power needs is our secondary port injection and this is the same type of kit that GM opted to go with on the 2019 C7 ZR1 as well as many other high performance DI cars. We have come up with the complete solution for your high powered LT car. Our secondary port injection kit has it's own low side solution with a large pump to get fuel from the tank to the engine. This pump ties into the OEM fuel line as well as running up to supply it's own system. It is fully regulated and has a return, essentially transforming your stock fuel system into a high power capable system. Once the fuel reaches the engine, it ties into our custom billet fuel rails that tuck nicely against the supercharger/manifold, and what is needed fires through the 1300cc injectors and then the fuel returns back to the tank. The system is easily controlled with a proprietary piggy back controller with it's own software and we offer a base tune file and full support. Installation is made easy with our complete plug and play wiring harness! 

WEAPON-X 2016 CTS V Air Intake System! Carbon Fiber

As WEAPON-X continues to forge ahead in the aftermarket industry, the addition of all of the new equipment and talented employees that have come to Cincinnati to work have really raised the bar. While the full carbon boxed intake is in the molding phases, we decided to launch the in-house made carbon fiber intakes that will work with the OEM 87mm throttle body as well as the 103mm throttle body.  For more info on the WXM V3 Intake & to purchase, follow this link: http://weaponxmotorsports...

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