LT4 Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

Trying to figure out what upgrades are needed when modding your LT4 powered C7 Corvette Z06, CTS V gen 3, or Camaro ZL1 gen 6?  WEAPON-X has put together a basic guide which shows you the pulley combos available and recommended supporting mods necessary to get the power you need.  Call or email us for custom recommendations as well as package prices on your goals!

LSA Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

As one of the most experienced shops on the LSA platform, we've put together a quick reference guide for you guys to figure out what is needed and when.  This chart addresses pulley combos, blower RPMs, boost, fuel mods, cooling mods, and more!  Want us to spec your combination out for you?  Reach out to us at today!

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