WEAPON-X Motorsports takes delivery of a C7 Corvette!

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Weapon-X Motorsports has become well known on the scene as one of the premier aftermarket shops specializing in the limited 2009+ Cadillac CTS V Series market, providing everything from high quality products by the best shops in the industry to our own signature aero equipment and racing gear too!  Our dedicated service targets not only the auto enthusiasts seeking show quality aesthetics, but also helping the avid racers with what they need to be amongst the fastest CTS Vs in the world - serving all of the 9 second quarter mile cars, top Texas Mile cars, and also the quickest Cadillac Challenge road race cars on the west coast.  In addition, we have also worked closely with many other shops within the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, and Japan to date!  Aside from our client’s projects, we’ve spent the past year designing and installing all of the necessary hardware for the world’s only 1,100HP Procharger F1X CTS V and we’re excited to be entering 2014 and looking to set some records of our own in quarter, half, and mile events! 


The Next BIG Thing:

After a successful track record in the CTS V community, we’ve set our sights on the new C7 Corvette Stingray with GM’s next revolutionary LT1 motor!  The fresh body style along with the world’s first direct injection OHV V8 is the “perfect storm” for our innovative ideas and they’re already paying major dividends with our top secret testing.  We feel the majority of the Corvette purists will want to see what we can do pushing the envelope with a naturally aspirated motor and for the straight track, we’ll give it a little old school NOS with the latest electronics!  Plus the next Z06 info leaves us expecting a forced induction alternate anyway and we’ll be ordering a C7 Z06 as soon as possible to apply our Eaton supercharger experience from the CTS V and ZR1!  A lot of the well-known shops have raced to tear their new C7 Corvettes apart and be the first to post up numbers to get the enthusiasts attention.  But like the CTS V market, we've been putting more time into developing our products and like to approach the market with a grand entrance! 

For example - To date, the best ported LT1 cylinder heads by your big name shops have gained CFM from approximately 295CFM to a best of approximately 350CFM and even that is reached at a point beyond the camshaft specs for most street cars.  We did maximize the regular LT1 heads with a similar port close to 350CFM.


These heads flow great for a ported stock head; however, our proprietary LT1X cylinder heads going on our C7 Corvette LT1 motor flows an astounding 375CFM at just .600 lift!  This combined with our custom cam grinds will prove their worth in extended development time!  Those stats will be a little more closely guarded until we release them February 1st, after they’re on our project car. 

Of course we’re not going to forget an aero package for the C7 Corvette!  Although GM did a wonderful job with the C7, in our eyes, there is a lot to be left desired and plenty of canvas for us to work with.  Not only are we already about done with our carbon fiber accent package with a lot of the stock parts, we’ve been working on our own signature parts that were wildly popular with the CTS V crowd!  Our Ray Power hood, grill, splitter, rocker blades, rear wing, and diffuser will be sure to draw a crowd at the car shows or the drag strip! 


Stay tuned!!!!  

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