LSA Available Pulley Combos and Supporting Mods Needed

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Here is a spreadsheet to reference when you're planning/modding to help you figure out what you need at what levels.  Granted all of this depends on a wide variety of things from plans of use for the car like street, strip, and/or track to where you are, ie temps, atmosphere, climate changes etc.  Less air restriction such as free flowing intake, headers, exhaust, porting etc all drastically help reduce heat by increasing the ease of the blower and airflow in and out of the engine.  Your cam profile will also affect the air movement!  

Keep in mind, preventative heat mods such as heat exchangers, tanks, pumps etc can't be done too early really.  Stock CTS V's pull timing between pull 2 and pull 3 on the dyno due to increased heat.  Even stock LSA powered vehicles can benefit from some of these mods, but they really become a necessity as you push the blower.  Even as you add more blower RPM, you have to add other parts to reduce restrictions and protect your motor.  So, feel free to get a hold of us and we'll help point you in the right direction for your planned end game.  

For packages with the below combinations, use the search box in the top right corner and type in your vehicle, engine, and the type of kit you're after like pulley kit or fuel kit and see what we've put together!  Our Griptech pulleys offer unparalleled performance.  Here is an LSA Pulley and Fuel kit for example:

You can see the effective blower ratio in the first column, the % of increase over stock in the second column, the RPM of the blower vs. the engine RPM in the third column, upper pulley size in the 4th, crank pulley size in the 5th, idler options in the 6th and 7th column, and estimated boost pressure with proper supporting mods in the 8th column.  

Scrolling down to the next section, columns 1-3 are repeated, column 4 what injectors are needed on pump gas (not E85), if you need to do one of our heat exchanger upgrades in column 5, heat exchanger pump upgrade in column 6, and lastly a heat exchanger tank in column 7.  

Questions or to put in a custom order, call 513-662-4000 or email

Blower Ratio % Increase Blower RPM at 6,700 RPM

WEAPON-X Griptec
Blower Pulley

Crank Pulley Idler #1 50mm Idler #2 100mm Bracket Needed  Boost (psi)
Stock 2.74 0.00% 18,358 2.95 8.10 0 0 N 8.6 
2.92 6.40% 19,532 2.95 8.60 50 0 N 10.5 
3.08 12.58% 20,668 2.95 9.10 50 0 N 11.5 
3.22 17.53% 21,576 2.95 9.50 50 0 N 13 
3.39 23.72% 22,712 2.95 10.00 50 0 Y 14 
3.56 29.90% 23,847 2.95 10.50 50 0 Y 15 
2.84 3.73% 19,042 2.85 8.10 0 0 N  9
3.02 10.13% 20,218 2.85 8.60 50 0 N 11 
3.19 16.53% 21,393 2.85 9.10 50 0 N  12.5
3.33 21.65% 22,333 2.85 9.50 50 0 N 14 
3.51 28.06% 23,509 2.85 10.00 50 100 Y  15
3.68 34.46% 24,684 2.85 10.50 50 100 Y  16
3.24 18.25% 21,708 2.50 8.10 0 100 N 12
3.44 25.55% 23,048 2.50 8.60 50 100 N 14 
3.64 32.85% 24,388 2.50 9.10 50 100 N  15.5
3.82 39.42% 25,594 2.50 9.55 50 100 N 17 
4.00 45.99% 26,800 2.50 10.00 50 100 Y 18 
4.20 53.28% 28,140 2.50 10.50 50 100 Y *BOOM* 
3.38 23.18% 22,613 2.40 8.10 0 100 N 15 
3.58 30.78% 24,008 2.40 8.60 50 100 N 15.5 
3.79 38.38% 25,404 2.40 9.10 50 100 N 17 
3.96 44.46% 26,521 2.40 9.50 50 100 N 18 
4.17 52.07% 27,917 2.40 10.00 50 100 Y  *BOOM*
4.38 59.67% 29,313 2.40 10.50 50 100 Y   *BOOM* 
Blower Ratio % Increase Blower RPM at 6,700 RPM Injectors (93/91 Oct) WEAPON-X Heat Exchanger Needed High Flow Pump HX Tank Needed
Stock (2.74) 0.00% 18,358 Stock Stock No No
2.92 6.40% 20,668 Stock Stock No No
3.08 12.58% 20,668 Stock 36" Single Wide Maybe Maybe
3.22 17.53% 21,576 Stock  36" Single Wide Maybe Maybe
3.39 23.72% 22,712 63lb and up 36" Single Wide Yes Yes
3.56 29.90% 23,847 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
2.84 3.73% 19,042 Stock Stock No No
3.02 10.13% 21,393 Stock Track Attack Maybe Maybe
3.19 16.53% 21,393 Stock Track Attack Maybe Maybe
3.33 21.65% 22,333 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.51 28.06% 23,509 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.68 34.46% 24,684 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.24 18.25% 21,708 63lb and up 36" Single Wide Maybe Maybe
3.44 25.55% 24,388 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.64 32.85% 24,388 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.82 39.42% 25,594 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
4.00 45.99% 26,800 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
4.20 53.28% 28,140 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.38 23.18% 22,613 90lb and up Track Attack Yes Yes
3.58 30.78% 25,404 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.79 38.38% 25,404 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
3.96 44.46% 26,521 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
4.17 52.07% 27,917 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
4.38 59.67% 29,313 90lb and up Track Attack or 36" Double Wide Yes Yes
* This chart was compiled for stock LSA cubes, larger cube motors move more air and thus require more fuel.
** Disclaimer:  This is only to be used for reference guide.  Tuning, Atmosphere, Temperature, Fuel, Air Flow etc all play a factor in the desired outcome.

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Created on Posted by Brian Zimmer Comment Link

I have a 2009 cts-v. It is stock except for Airaid cai and aftermarket mufflers. I live in Denver Colorado so the air is thin. This is my daily driver so I dont want to go too crazy. I want to run flex-fuel. Replace the upper pulley and a tune plus what ever corresponding mods. I’d like to get around 600 rwhp but thats not that important. I would really appreciate a parts list. From what I’ve see, you have the best prices on the internet.


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Created on Posted by Rod Schlosser Comment Link

2011 ctsv sedan looking to do upper pulley, injectors and 180 degree thermostat and possibly a colder plug NKG I already have CAI and ported stock throttle body from v max looking for what kit to get or other recommend alternatives ?

Created on Posted by Edrissy l bobe Comment Link

My zl1 2013
Have 18% armonic balance
2.55 upper pulleys
And o have 15psi
I need 17 ps1
What I need? Send me parts for make order in your page

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