AZ_SRT in UAE loves his V Power Carbon Fiber hood!

Posted by Ben Herndon on


September 2012

"Here is a sneak pic of the hood on my car :). Will take better pics once I can and will post a new thread when I am done with my new black accents and gloss wheel paint :).
This hood is plain sick, plain and simple. Fitment was spot on... I just ran into one tiny problem. I broke my washer squirters because the openings on the hood were not a perfect match, they just needed to be opened just a tiny bit which is no big deal. It was 116 degrees out and I got pissed and just yanked the squirters out :/.
I've owned 6 CF hoods in the past and this one is just amazing. It looks like factory dealership quality, its insane. Top notch quality.... I can't believe the price for the quality!!! And Baron, great freaking guy to deal with man. Constant communication "I am in Dubai" and REALLY REALLY easy guy to deal with. I had a few issues with wiring money internationally and stuff and the transaction got delayed 2 weeks... not once he complained or did anything. I forgot the time difference TWICE and texted/called him at 2-3 am U.S time and he replied back on the spot, get some sleep lol. Overall, other than the squirters incident, one of the best mods I've done on the V thus far. And the price???? They say you get what you pay for... but I am honestly not polishing Baron's apple.... you get A LOT more quality for the price you pay for one of his hoods.
Here are a few pics for now. Sorry for the bad quality. More pics to come."


- Very glad you're happy with your hood Kareem, it looks great with that theme!   The side air foils and splitter are only a month away from being released.

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