icarus77 is excited about his "weapon X5 package"

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Ron contacted me through the CTSVowners.com forum looking for a similar build to mine.  He came to the right place!  

His big boy stage 5 package:

Airaid intake
3.72 Blower Ratio
KDI Heat Exchanger and high flow pump 
Full Stainless Works exhaust
SMC dual catch cans
Livernois Stage 2 Ported Heads
Livernois 2c hi lift Cam
Billet  timing chain
Norcal Ice Box
LS7 ported tb
D3 lid spacer
Hawk ceramic pads
SS brake lines
Eibach springs
Amsoil full fluid package
ForgeStar CF10 rims

"I contacted weapon X motorsports through a forum and the owner was super responsive. After talking to me about my modding history and what I wanted for my car directed me to his Stage 5 package with lots of my own tweaks and add-ons from exterior pieces to wheels. He worked with me and for me to get the right combo and awesome prices. He even set me up with my install and tuner and provided them with some usual DIY mods and instructions. Plus he monitors everything and when we had any timing issues, he jumped on some alternatives to mkae sure my build happened on time."


- Seeing your eagerness and anticipation of getting this stuff on took me back to my first major build with the V.  I enjoyed working with you man!  Can't wait to see the dyno numbers this week, at 488HP stock auto you car was already a factory beast!  

weapon X

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Ben was so good the first time around, that I went straight back when I recently came back to the V world. He hooked me up with a custom package that includes a forged stroker combo supported by a Magnusson 2.3 Heartbeat, WeaponX mods from air filter to exhaust tips, including Fuel system and brakes.

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